Thursday, April 2, 2015

Becoming an adult with DD

There are so many things to do when your child with a developmental disability (or sometimes called I/DD Intellectual/Developmental Disability) is about to become an adult...

In our case we are lucky -- I guess you would call it lucky -- to live in a state that waives parental income for children and adults with extensive needs -- which qualifies them for a special type of extensive medicaid irregardless of their receipt of SSI benefits.

I say that you would call it lucky because this type of waiver requires 24/7 line of sight supervision. I don't think any of us have slept a full 3 hours in a row since Harley was it is truly "lucky"?

Things you don't think about:

  • *Officially they will be an adult so you will either need to get guardianship or a power of attorney if they can't handle their own medical and/or financial affairs. It DOES NOT MATTER that they are your child and you have been doing this all their of age 18, they are and ADULT with all the same rights as a non-disabled adult.
  • *You have to file for their SSI or SSDI...or both. This process should start 6-8 weeks prior to their 18th birthday. I called to start his claim in March - 2 months before his 18th birthday - and the earliest available appointment was May 4th...which will be far too late for them to have a decision by the middle of May, so he may end up losing out on benefits. My other option is to take him to the SS Office and make the application in person and cancel the appointment in May -- which is what I plan to do.
  • *If you intend to have your child attend school district programs (known as transition programs) beyond age 18 or their senior year -- well that will be a whole different post to explain that process -- but you have to make sure they DO NOT receive a diploma at graduation, even if they attend the graduation ceremony for social reasons. It is a FEDERAL LAW that the child receive services through the school district through age 21, unless you allow them to accept the diploma or otherwise request that they NOT attend services. (more on that another time).
  • *If you intend to have your adult child attend adult day programs (over the summer or after the school required services) you MUST apply at age 18 for these services. Many times there is a waiting list.
  • *Even if your child is currently on medicaid, you MUST reapply for medicaid under his/her own right as an adult. Here in Colorado it's considered "Long Term Care" Medicaid. This should be done prior to the 18th birthday so there is no lapse in coverage(s).
  • *If you are seeing pediatric dentists, doctors, specialists, therapists -- this will all change!! Your pediatric specialist can refer you to an adult PCP who has knowledge in your child's disability...but be aware that supports and services for adults look completely different so brace yourself to take more of the brunt of providing services yourself.
  • *If you have not yet made a special needs trust - MAKE SURE YOU DO! This is VERY important to protect your child's assets (if any) and inheritance (if any) -- especially if they will receive services and/or SSI as an adult.
  • *Make your wishes for your adult child's future CLEAR in your Will. If you don't have a will, you better get on it!
  • *If you do not have family that is willing or able to take on your adult child in the case of an emergency need (accidents happen as we know all too well, people get sick, you can die unexpectedly) and you do NOT have that in writing, well you better get on that too...You also need to contact your Community Centered Board (CCB) in your county if your child will need supported living services. There is many times a waiting list for residential services and if you have no people who can take your adult child in in the case of an emergency placement you will need to ensure they are up high on the waiting list (most states have LONG waiting lists --- Harley was placed on the adult residential placement waiting list at age 14 -- and is still on the waiting list!)...Make sure they are categorized high level so that if something unexpected happens they are moved to the top of that waiting list for emergency placement.

There are so many things to do -- this list is just a short paragraph of each item that will need to be addressed -- and doesn't include ALL things that need to be addressed prior to your child turning 18...and each one takes an extraordinary amount of time (and patience)...

So if you have been wondering where I've been? This is what my life has been revolving around since early February.
Overwhelmed yet? I am at times!

Stay tuned for more updates. For now I must return to the paperwork listed above...

Harley's becoming an adult

I know it is hard to believe, but Harley will be turning 18 soon! I have been so swamped with various decisions about his adult life...and decided blogging might be a good way to release my frustrations rather than trying to post it all on Facebook....which is where a lot of my time and updates are So I am going to try to come here and update the blog here...I will make an effort to return this blog to a Harley vision blog...

Friday, October 12, 2012

Not the parent I used to be...

Seriously, I know this sounds like I'm looking for a pity party but I'm's just the way the cookie crumbles in my life as it stands now.

So many things have changed over the past 2 years. In the past two years we have been through so much...and some days I just can't wrap my head around how my life has changed...and I really don't think it's for the better.

I can't say I will ever return to be the parent or person I used to be. I hope someday I will find a new normal, find a new me? Find a way to move on without it seeming like there's reminders and triggers everywhere.

I not only have been slacking at keeping my blogs updated but I've been slacking at life. It's a real struggle to get up in the morning, yet I do it. I may not shower or get dressed even (at this point, I think I've been in my PJ's since Wednesday (and it's Friday)). -- and you know what? I really don't care. I doubt anyone else does either. It's not like I've seen anyone or had any desire to see anyone.

I cook meals, sometimes I even plan them but I can't say they are healthy balanced meals. You know what? I don't really kids have food in their bellies and that's all that really matters right now. I'm not totally neglecting them. Somedays I wonder...but I know they are clean, loved and fed. That's all a child needs right? If only I felt like I was doing my best...But there are days I just can't do anything, no less my best....

Hey there's clean clothes in their drawers. I sit here writing this with tears in my eyes, yet I see the smiles on their faces as they watch videos. Yes I've reduced my kids to watching what? It's better than them sitting and looking at me and seeing the sadness I seem to carry within me and sometimes can't control that it comes out.

Now back to the title of this post...not the parent I used to be...I am no longer the advocate I was for Harley. Yes, I want to keep him home as long as possible...I make sure he has his meds and his care...but at this point I feel like I am more his "staff' than his parent. He truly doesn't understand anything emotional -- most of the time. He's not as physically aggressive as he used to be, so I guess that's a step in the right direction. But he also spends more time alone. Some parts of me says that's pretty typical for a 15 year old boy...but at the same time I know that for the past 8 years he's been plateaued - for the most part - at a 5 year old functioning level. It's not looking as though he will progress beyond that. It's hard because he is now my 'oldest' (living) son - in body only - as he will always be a child in mind.  It's a daily struggle within myself to draw a line with him...I could tell him how much I love him and he will ignore it like I never said anything. Some days that's really hard to take.

Not the parent I used to Kelly either...She hates me now. This was evident in some of the statements she made at the sentencing of the driver who killed Robert. Never again will she trust me, because in a time of weakness I said things I should not have. I can only hope that some day she can see and feel that I too was hurting and had no where and no one...and all I wanted was to hold HER...she is the closest thing I have to Robert now and she just pushed me away and blamed me for Robert's death. Me and Harley. That I will take to my death bed...I hope that before I die she comes around and tries to understand how much I was hurting as well...without turning it around on me and telling me I am only trying to guilt trip her or be an attention seeker.I am so afraid of dying knowing my daughter, my only daughter, hates me and blames me for taking her most prized relationship in her life...

Not the parent I used to be -- or should be -- to Tyler. He is now in first grade. He is such a smart little man and I am so proud of him, but I don't think I say it or show it often enough. I try, I really he grows there are more and more things I see as him having in common with Robert at this age. I know that no two children are exactly alike...and I thank Robert for teaching me different ways to deal with it by being my first born child. I promise Robert, I will NOT make the same mistakes with Tyler as I did with you....I'm sorry I even made those mistakes with you...But I didn't know...I didn't know how to deal with it nor did I understand. But after having had the opportunity to be your parent and learn through you and our experiences together, I know that there are better ways to deal with things. I appreciate that Robert visits Tyler most often (at least Tyler says he dreams of you and you visit him in dreams). I need to get over my fears and be the parent he deserves...the parent I should have been or been able to be to Robert. It's just not fair that I didn't get full time with Robert at this age...looking at Tyler I see how much I missed out on. That alone should motivate me to say "Hey I don't want to miss out on this with Tyler too"...but some days the motivation just isn't's hard to be a parent and be human too.

Not the parent I used to be -- or need to be -- for Zachary. Zachary's probably the toughest. He's the baby of the family...he's only got one more year and he's in school full time. Why am I looking forward to that when I should be enjoying the time I *do* have with him? Yes, I spend time with him, but I can't say most of it is quality time. It's so hard to hear him speak...when we know for the first two years of his life he couldn't  hear...and how proud Robert was of his little voice once he was able to start speaking (once he was able to hear)...every time I hear Zac speak it's like a knife in my heart because I know Robert would be tickled and smiling and loving every single little syllable that comes out of his mouth. I try to look past that and say "hey he's talking and I need to listen"...which I *do* listen, but it's hard when it's always followed by Robert's voice mimicking him. Geeze, it's hard to believe that in just under 2 months Zac will be five years old!! He's not even trying to potty train...and yes, I push him, just not hard enough...and that too is part of Robert -- not that I am trying to turn everything into about Robert (no matter what Kelly thinks) but there are so many memories of him...he was a late potty trainer too and I know that pushing him just made it harder for him...and increased his anxiety. I don't want to do that to Zac...It's so hard to differientiate the right way to handle this...because no matter what I do brings memories -- both good and bad.

I hope that some day I can be a better person, a better parent -- I know I will always be a grieving parent -- but I hope some day it subsides so that I can function as a human again.

This has turned into a much longer blog post than I intended, but a wise friend suggested that I should continue blogging as it may just help.

And so this is my heart, my mind, my to the public. I hope that someday I can come back and read it and see that the despair has cleared some and I have found my "new" normal and my "new" self...even with the title of grieving parent.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Overcome with the worst sadness EVER!

Robert, forever 19....Rest in Peace my son :(( 2/3/92 - 5/26/2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Video - Harley receiving his award

For those not on facebook, I LOVE this video!! Harley is the 4th name closely! (hope it works...if not I will have to upload it later when my cell phone gets home!)

Throwback Thursday -


^^Harley & his friend Tyler who also got an award!


I am so proud ... so today's Throwback Thursday is a picture (or three plus a video) from last night, when Harley was awarded "Honor Roll" for meeting all standards (adjusted of course, but still he met all HIS standards!) at school for first semester! It was the great birthday gift to see him so proud of himself!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Really, just really

down in the dumps lately. It's hard to deal with anything right now and don't want to ruin my blog and push people farther away by venting. I promise to come back again, but right now I'm just not feeling well. As I told Mike, I've pretty much shut down and closed up ... he did ask how that felt and I told him it sucks but really I don't feel like crawling out of my shell right now so I'll stay here a while longer. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Throwback Thursday - January 2009

While it's great to watch them as they grow, I sure miss these days!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Acceptance and tolerance

I will come back and explain better later or tomorrow.
.but I just wish my own kids would have a little better tolerance and understanding...

EDIT: First I fixed the typos. I'm not very good on my new phone yet...LOL

Second I am back to explain...

My teens got a whole lot of gift cards for Christmas. They took me to IHOP for my birthday dinner. (a few days early).

Harley saw milkshakes and ordered one...Kelly screamed at him and made a scene because she didn't say he could order one and because he's not paying. That if he had $4 he could order one, but not unless he did. The reason he ordered one is because he heard her order one for herself....

The waitress heard Harley make the order and brought one. Kelly refused to give it to him and held it hostage on her side of the table til the whipped cream on top was melting down the sides. Andrew gave her a $5 bill, but still she wouldn't give it to Harley out of principle...because he was "whining" and asking for it and wasn't asking nicely...truly this is like torture to a boy with the mind of a four year old. I didn't understand why she was being so hard on him and it really hurt...

Finally she let him have it at the end of the meal. Then they had to argue over when and if she was going to give him a straw to use with it.

A lot of this scene could've been avoided had she given him the outline of what was expected. He really didn't understand and she was just making it a bigger deal than it needed to be :(

I guess I am too but geeze, you'd think they would have better understanding and acceptance of Harley and his quirks than to egg on to create more issues :(

So yeah, I guess I am just complaining but where else would I do it?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

where to start? Hard to swallow...

Not sure where to start, since there is so much to post about....

The things I've said I was going to talk about have gotten away from many turn into a blur as other issues arise...the one (two) that stand out most are the two 'run ins' we've had over the past six months with law enforcement / child services....I don't even know ... I may have already blogged about it? I doubt it because I wasn't sure if I was ready for any backlash my readers may have...

The first came when going to a local park...we didn't go to the park Harley was expecting us to go to and he had a major, major meltdown. He threw his water bottle smacking me and then picked it back up smacking Andrew. There were other families at this (small) playground. Of course, Harley looks like a fairly typical child so people don't understand that there is more to it than an inappropriate temper tantrum by a 'spoiled child'....Andrew did a take down on him...then I couldn't get Andrew to back off...the other families cleared the park in a hurry. Truthfully Andrew did ok in taking him down at the time because we had to stop him before something got hurled at an innocent bystander. HOWEVER, Andrew tends to get out of control himself at times and would not calm either. So the two of them were wrestling around on the ground in public with Harley being on the bottom. Anyone walking by and seeing it would not understand, especially if they hadn't seen or heard the scene leading up to it. I finally was able to get Andrew to understand that Harley would not calm down if he continued to show emotion and that he needed to just vacate the area and get out of Harley's sight. Of course this kind of 'discussion' with Andrew leads to me being accused of "undermining his authority" but that is not the case with Harley especially. Even the staff at Creative Perspectives have tried to explain it to him, but he just gets offended.

Anyhow, back to the story. Of course I left out that Robert & Kelly were also with us (and Tyler and Zachary). We had walked the six blocks or so from home to this park. Robert's anxiety gets out of hand as well when Harley starts to act like this in public...I don't know if it's because it's embarrassing or what? So Kelly thankfully was able to keep a level head and tend Tyler and Zac while I was trying to calm Andrew, Robert and Harley.

Back to the rest of the story now...I finally convinced Andrew to start walking back home with the older kids and the younger kids and letting me deal with Harley alone. He was worried about me being able to 'deal' with Harley, but I CAN deal with Harley with very little physicial interventions (usually). I have learned with Harley when he becomes upset the best thing you can do is NOT become physically involved, nor should you attempt to make eye contact....

I walked with Harley about a block behind everyone else. I was not within arms reach of him, but still close enough that I could keep him safe from walking in the street. He was screaming, crying and spouting off obsceneties (sp?) about dad being 'evil' as I continued to walk and tell him we were not talking about it that it was over, that dad wasn't to be found. Harley was so angry he was walking fast and was able to see Andrew in front of us after a few minutes of us walking...He started the screaming, crying and obsence language again. I had to block his view of Andrew and have him sit on the sidewalk til I could calm him enough for him to start walking with me in control yet not touching him. We made it home and he went straight to the van and refused to get out until we went to the park he was expecting we would go to. In the meantime, a police officer drove by the house...I am afraid someone may have called it in and was on pins and needles thinking "how will I explain this"?. The officer did not stop and police are always driving through our neighborhood so I can only hope that this was pure coincidence.

I loaded the rest of the kids into the van and we drove to the other park and played for 10 minutes.

This brought a couple of issues to my attention...
1) even if we are only six blocks from home, we should still take the vehicle. Taking the van would've been a smart thing to do as we could've just taken him to the van and driven to the other park (about a mile away, too far to walk for Harley)...or at least gotten him to the van and home safely.
2) Always make it clear where we are headed to Harley
3) Always have an extra set of hands that can help with the younger children when dealing with Harley (which I do anyways, but especially places like parks)
4) well, this is perhaps the toughest one to swallow, and that is to .. no matter what happens, keep Andrew calm. He tends to react physically and now I feel as if I can't trust him to work with Harley. Yes I understand that a man's first reaction may be to strike back when stricken, but it is just not acceptable to me. It creates a whole new 'trust' issue that I've never dealt with before...and hurts deeply as I, in my heart, feel that Andrew is the first man I've trusted fully, with my own life, in my life...

There are a couple of more stories to share...but I will close for now.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Looking forward

The past week I have been working on the things in the near future...yes, to me August is the near future because of the amount of planning that has to go into everything and all the 'scheduling conflicts' and brick walls I run into...

Harley starts high school in August. Hard to believe isn't it?! In May he turns 14, which also means that he is transferred (so to speak) to the 'intensive adult supports' system. This can mean so many things to us, but the key areas of focus from my standpoint are:
1) as he ages, the supports and availability of supports reduce. The fact is there is less money for adults than there are for children. It's a fact of bureaucracy.
2) I have to "let go" and let him make some of his own decisions. No he cannot make life-altering decisions, or even recreational decisions on his own...the boy still can't safely cross the street (and I don't see -- being realistic -- that he will ever be able to). This is not because he cannot learn but related to his disability - and delayed processing...he just can't react fast enough to certain situations (such as a car traveling towards him :()
3) Out of home placement - not something I want to think about, but as he gets bigger - which boys are known to do between the ages of 13 and 19 - it may be a reality for us. I will have a nervous breakdown if I have to give him up in this way...but if it's a safety issue for himself or our family, it is a true reality :(
4) If something were to happen to myself or Andrew, we need to have alternate arrangements. At this point we have no one to speak on behalf of Harley's best interests - he would become a ward of the state. My biggest fear there is that they would put him into a group home and dose him with sedatives to the point that this sweet, loving, soft-hearted (most times) boy would be drooling in a corner.

But now I am getting ahead of myself...those are issues that must be addressed -- yes. Over the next two years or so. Our number one priority right now is trying to get him the supports he needs for high school. Seems I am going to have some issues with the staff at the incoming school - but thankfully the one issue I've had right off the bat (which is not a good sign) is not with his primary provider. Those who have been following along on Facebook know what I am talking about thanks to my venting/ranting there since Wednesday.

Tyler will be starting Kindergarten in August as well. Here in Colorado Kindergarten is 1/2 day unless you pay the extra 3 hours a day (I think that's what it totals to?). None of my kids have attended full day (other than Harley due to his special needs), so we will most likely stick with the 1/2 day program for Tyler as well. It makes my throat thick to think of him being five years old come May -- and needing school supplies -- where has the time gone? We are having some issues with Tyler mimicking Harley's behaviors in school as it stands now (he's in HeadStart for the 2nd year), mainly the aggression that he's picked up. People in general don't understand and even trying to explain that he has a brother with autism who acts this way so he is copycatting doesn't sit well (and isn't an 'excuse' I like to use). I have found over the past two months that tyler's been back in school that addressing his behavior issues as I would address them to Harley works...contracts, visual schedules, social stories and constantly reviewing the expectations. In fact since stepping back and starting to 'treat' it that way I have had less complaints and incident reports from school about Tyler.

Kelly will be a senior in high school. It's time to start trying to find a photographer for her senior pictures. She doesn't understand why we would want to start that here soon, but we have to have a picture done, approved and submitted by the 15th of September...and her being a 17 year old girl, I can only imagine how many of the pictures "won't be good enough" or "my nose looks big in that one" or whatever...Then add to it our schedules - summer time schedules only get tighter with Harley's summer camp and summer therapy routines.

Zachary starts Headstart Preschool in September. I sure hope he's potty trained by then. we talk about it plenty, but he's just not ready yet. I am so NOT ready to let him go, but again it's one of those lessons of parenthood that I MUST let him grow up. ***stomping feet*** but I don't WANNA let him grow up!! he is doing well. He's graduated out of speech therapy and is becoming quite a chatter box...he and Tyler argue all the time over who's gonna talk when! LOL

That brings us to Robert. This is adult son is possibly my hardest at this point. His anxiety disorder has taken over his life - completely. He cannot function without someone guiding him every step of the way. Voc Rehab has released him as being untrainable. His psychiatrist has told me (more than once) that I MUST apply for disability benefits for him. In some respects he may be as disabled if not moreso than Harley is. He did not have the support of Andrew and I as his family during his formative years, nor were we able to advocate for quality services for him. It shows, it most definitely shows. It makes me very, very sad. His disability claim is pending at this point and since he was still under 19 when it was filed, they are processing it as a disabled child claim. I hate to see him go down this road...and there is nothing I can do to change his ways. My heart is breaking over the stress I see on his face every single day, knowing he is not doing everything his friends are doing so far as jobs, school, planning futures...he just becomes so full of anxiety at the thought of moving forward on his own two feet that he literally becomes paralyzed with fear...which ends up turning into anger and I am afraid if he cannot find a way to control this, he will end up jailed. He is a short fuse just waiting for a spark to ignite it...and that is all it would take...with his anxiety and his anger management issues I don't even feel it is safe for him to operate a vehicle. It is just so so sad to know I didn't do the best I could for him, but my hands were tied by the judicial system giving the parent with the more prevalent financial background the benefit of the doubt. If I had only been allowed the opportunity, I would like to dream that it was possible his future would be different, but now I must deal with the here and now and not live in the past.

Again, I promise to be back to fill in more gaps. That is what I am facing over the next 3 months or so...along with the therapies, work and all the other things moms, secretaries, wives, get the point...have to deal with.

I hope that reading this has brought some light into where I stand when I feel like I am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. It is NOT that I am feeling sorry for myself (ok, yes, sometimes I am feeling that way -but screw it, I am entitled once in a while)...Of course I've not even touched on the issues that have come up between Andrew & I, MY personal goals or other issues we face on a day-to-day basis yet...
Stay tuned if you want to hear some of those...just not tonight...

Looking back

Looking back at the last year, I really didn't slack too badly. Seems I came here every 4 to 6 weeks...LOL...a far reach from my earlier days when I had to restrain myself from making more than one post a day.

A friend made a blog entry (you can read it here) that really made me think...and another sent me a message about what I've taught them. I was very touched by both....

It's hard because to us (our family that is) we have established a 'new' normalcy of what our home/family life is.

We know we can't schedule anything on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday between the hours of 4 and 6pm due to driving to therapies....we know we can't schedule anything on Thursday because of in home therapy; Friday it's the same story. Andrew and I have jobs working strange hours so that at any given time one of us are always home with the children...and overlapping during times when Harley is home.

We thankfully are given specialized family counseling through Harley's behavior specialists at Creative Perspectives. It's too bad it's only 1 hour per month (and no hours on months when they have to attend other things, like IEPs or transition meetings - more on that in another post). An hour a month is just not enough. Typical family counseling just can't give our family any justice for the kind of time it takes to travel and attend since they have NO CLUE how to deal with the 'adjustments' you have to make to live with Harley's special needs (or any special needs for that matter!)

I was intending to come here tonight and write up about things we have experienced during 2010 now that it is 2011...cliche I know, but I have fallen so far behind in my blog. I really do want to keep on top of I know the day will come when I look back and say "wow I really did do a lot that year" or "how did I handle this last time"?


I am closing for now. Some of the things I was going to address here are the reality of our lives as Harley grows. Some are hard to even think about without bringing tears to my eyes. Yes, we have our struggles...yes I sometimes break at the thought of having the weight of the world on my shoulders, but I always bounce back and that is what is important right now...and always.

I LOVE feedback and reader comments so please leave me one -- or any story ideas you think may be something I can's been a long year with so many stories there is no way I can touch on them all....

I will be back soon friends. Be ready....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The week ahead

Well this week promises to be stressful but full of answers....

Monday Harley goes to the pediatrician to discuss putting him on anti-seizure meds. After three years of trying all different types of anti-psychotics that aren't working, the psychiatrist feels that maybe we should try some anti-seizure meds. I am torn because none of his EEGs have shown seizure activity BUT I have been told by many people that absence seizures don't always show up on the EEG. We have decided to forego the 24 hour study for the EEG. What the psychiatrist explained is that it is possible that he is having so many seizures what shows as "normal" on the EEG could be that he is constantly having 'bursts' (he is also basing this on watching Harley over the years). It makes sense and would explain a lot.

Thursday Zachary has his Early Intervention Evaluation. His speech is up to age appropriate levels, but it's still best to see if there is any early intervention that he may qualify for. If not that is fine since he starts preschool next fall anyways. If he does qualify however he will start school in January, just after his 3rd birthday. Another thing I'm torn about but I know it will be good for him.

Friday Harley goes to the oral surgeon for a consultation on having his wisdom teeth removed. After the way he behaved last week with a runny nose and thought he was dying, and me having two teeth pulled this week myself, I am not sure how he (nor I) will handle it when he gets the teeth pulled. There is really no way around it as they are coming in sideways and MUST be removed before they erupt. He's already been complaining about them hurting. I am thankful and proud that we have finally been able to get a full set of dental x-rays done on him.

Saturday we are going to head to Logan & Davis' birthday party!! I know the kids are looking forward to it!! I've never been to Pump It Up before and I am sure it will be a TON of fun!!

This week I will also follow up with the organizers of TRIAD to discuss parental involvement opportunities and hopefully, eventually sit on an Early Childhood Council.

Of course, we have all our usual weekly therapies, errands and everything else. I don't know if I've just gotten used to how busy my week is on a typical basis or if it's actually slowing down compared to what it used to be? Lately it seems it's a slower moving pace, which although I'm thankful for, makes me feel like a total slacker :D

I hope everyone has a good week!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tyler, Zac and I did some Halloween arts & crafts the Friday before Halloween

Tyler, Zac, Kelly and I made some "dirt cups" for Halloween.

Kelly, Zac and Tyler enjoyed some rides at Heritage Square when we went for our Family Fall Outing at the 3d Maze

I took the kids (teens, Harley and the little ones) to the mall for some Trick or Treating on Halloween afternoon. They opened a new play area there and I think they all enjoyed that more than the trick or treating.

Harley's cooking project--Dessert

Harley making the dessert part of his cooking project for FACS class (Family & Consumer Sciences). This is "Honey and Chocolate Bananas". He had to fry the bananas in butter and then drizzle them with honey and chocolate chips.