Sunday, November 7, 2010

The week ahead

Well this week promises to be stressful but full of answers....

Monday Harley goes to the pediatrician to discuss putting him on anti-seizure meds. After three years of trying all different types of anti-psychotics that aren't working, the psychiatrist feels that maybe we should try some anti-seizure meds. I am torn because none of his EEGs have shown seizure activity BUT I have been told by many people that absence seizures don't always show up on the EEG. We have decided to forego the 24 hour study for the EEG. What the psychiatrist explained is that it is possible that he is having so many seizures what shows as "normal" on the EEG could be that he is constantly having 'bursts' (he is also basing this on watching Harley over the years). It makes sense and would explain a lot.

Thursday Zachary has his Early Intervention Evaluation. His speech is up to age appropriate levels, but it's still best to see if there is any early intervention that he may qualify for. If not that is fine since he starts preschool next fall anyways. If he does qualify however he will start school in January, just after his 3rd birthday. Another thing I'm torn about but I know it will be good for him.

Friday Harley goes to the oral surgeon for a consultation on having his wisdom teeth removed. After the way he behaved last week with a runny nose and thought he was dying, and me having two teeth pulled this week myself, I am not sure how he (nor I) will handle it when he gets the teeth pulled. There is really no way around it as they are coming in sideways and MUST be removed before they erupt. He's already been complaining about them hurting. I am thankful and proud that we have finally been able to get a full set of dental x-rays done on him.

Saturday we are going to head to Logan & Davis' birthday party!! I know the kids are looking forward to it!! I've never been to Pump It Up before and I am sure it will be a TON of fun!!

This week I will also follow up with the organizers of TRIAD to discuss parental involvement opportunities and hopefully, eventually sit on an Early Childhood Council.

Of course, we have all our usual weekly therapies, errands and everything else. I don't know if I've just gotten used to how busy my week is on a typical basis or if it's actually slowing down compared to what it used to be? Lately it seems it's a slower moving pace, which although I'm thankful for, makes me feel like a total slacker :D

I hope everyone has a good week!

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