Friday, January 7, 2011

Looking back

Looking back at the last year, I really didn't slack too badly. Seems I came here every 4 to 6 weeks...LOL...a far reach from my earlier days when I had to restrain myself from making more than one post a day.

A friend made a blog entry (you can read it here) that really made me think...and another sent me a message about what I've taught them. I was very touched by both....

It's hard because to us (our family that is) we have established a 'new' normalcy of what our home/family life is.

We know we can't schedule anything on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday between the hours of 4 and 6pm due to driving to therapies....we know we can't schedule anything on Thursday because of in home therapy; Friday it's the same story. Andrew and I have jobs working strange hours so that at any given time one of us are always home with the children...and overlapping during times when Harley is home.

We thankfully are given specialized family counseling through Harley's behavior specialists at Creative Perspectives. It's too bad it's only 1 hour per month (and no hours on months when they have to attend other things, like IEPs or transition meetings - more on that in another post). An hour a month is just not enough. Typical family counseling just can't give our family any justice for the kind of time it takes to travel and attend since they have NO CLUE how to deal with the 'adjustments' you have to make to live with Harley's special needs (or any special needs for that matter!)

I was intending to come here tonight and write up about things we have experienced during 2010 now that it is 2011...cliche I know, but I have fallen so far behind in my blog. I really do want to keep on top of I know the day will come when I look back and say "wow I really did do a lot that year" or "how did I handle this last time"?


I am closing for now. Some of the things I was going to address here are the reality of our lives as Harley grows. Some are hard to even think about without bringing tears to my eyes. Yes, we have our struggles...yes I sometimes break at the thought of having the weight of the world on my shoulders, but I always bounce back and that is what is important right now...and always.

I LOVE feedback and reader comments so please leave me one -- or any story ideas you think may be something I can's been a long year with so many stories there is no way I can touch on them all....

I will be back soon friends. Be ready....

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