Monday, August 24, 2009


What will I do with myself? It's so quiet here with only Tyler and Zachary. Maybe once they wake up all the way our day will get a little more active? I wish I was feeling better, then I'd take them for a walk..but I'm so afraid of symptoms hitting me while I'm alone with both boys out and about...Maybe we'll just go in the backyard and do some playing and yard work? But I don't know that we'll be able to do that every single day. It's already getting hot today, not a good mix with me lately...We have some work we can do in the basement, still trying to get things better organized...getting through the paperwork archives and burning the papers that need to be destroyed. But how much fun is that for the boys? Not really any...although they have a really cool car track with little city buildings that they LOVE to play with downstairs...they've got legos down there too. They are doing such a good job of playing with each other lately...just in time for Tyler to start going to school....what is Zachary gonna think of momma's methods of play?

I don't think my upstairs has been this clean for a while. I even went as far as oiling all the furniture in the living room yesterday. Of course, Harley's room is NEVER done! Oh!! I just remembered that the boys have some boxes in their closet I need to see what's in those! Oh...I found a project to do today! It's amazing that there is nothing on my schedule out of the house today and I'd love to relax and enjoy it...I'm just not sure how to!


Haley said...

Popping in to say hi Tracy. I bet Zachary is going to miss his little buddy. You sure have been busy. I hope Harley is making out alright in his new school. Take care.

Ruth said...

How did you manage the silence and down time? I'm having a hard time coping with out my partner in crime. She's staying the night at my mom's. I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself! HELP!