Monday, August 24, 2009

UGH-Ly Feet

My first day home with my boys and what's one of the first things this clutzo mom does?
Twisted my ankle...Not sure of the extent of the twist or sprain or whatever but it sure hurts to walk...
Here's the injured ankle:

Here's my "normal" ankle :))
And my beautimus tan lines on my feet...along with a top view of my stupid ankle...I feel like such a clutz!!

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Ruth said...

Now just how did you manage to do that? I hope you put some ice on it for a while. In my experience, it doesn't look sprained but definately twisted. I torqued my wrist once and it swole up like that. It went down after a day and turned a lovely shade of purple. If it doesn't go down after 3 days, try to get in to a doctor to get it checked.