Saturday, August 22, 2009

Harley's first day of school

5:45 AM comes early around here...we had a couple of problems with Harley because the sun wasn't up yet so he was telling me he can't go to school because it is night time. I finally get him motivated towards the shower just to find out that Tyler has dismantled the diverter to change it from tub to shower -- thankfully we have two showers so we were able to go downstairs and take a shower! He did amazingly well considering he didn't have his picture schedule and it was a different bathroom than what he is used to. He got dressed no problem...then I was able to get deodorant on him using the excuse he's now in middle school and will be a teenager soon. I may have to find a roll on type for him though since he complains of the solid 'hurting' him.

He got on the bus no bus driver and everything! He's adjusting well this year. He's so excited to think he will be a teenager soon!

He and I practiced it for a full week before he went to school. He gets to school at 7AM but his aide doesn't get there til 7:15. I have him in the routine of going to the cafeteria and waiting for her there. My mistake, with it being the first day of orientation they weren't serving breakfast but he had a notepad for drawing so he was able to keep himself busy til his aide got there! WTG Harley!

I didn't get one call all day so he must've done well. They've arranged it so that he doesn't have to move with the crowds though. He leaves each class early enough to miss the mass hysteria in the hallways and is already in his next class before the halls get crowded and loud. At the end of the day we got a phone call from his aide who said that he only had two meltdowns all day...and those had to do with his locker frustrating him (which I think I already mentioned).

Monday will be the true is his first day of actual real classes...the school will be more crowded (Thursday was 7th graders only). Then directly after school he will go to CP and do his swimming activity.

I am so glad he has a good aide this year (the same one who dealt with him in 5th grade) and I know she will strive for him to do his best and be successful.


Haley said...

Wow, that's early to be getting ready for school. You are one strong woman, one special lady. Sorry about the bruised eye. Thinking of you.

Twice the blessing, The Day in the life of living with twins said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad that the transition is going well!!!!! So excited to hear he is liking jr. high!!!!!!

Ruth said...

Yipee! for Harley's first day going so well. That is amazing that he transitioned so well, but you made it all the more better for him and it really paid off. Give yourese;f a pat on the back for that.

Wow! on the other post about the meeting and Harley's outburst. I know you've been through it before, but I'm just shocked. And the worker that you met with actually was able to witness the behaviors that you tell them about. As they say, actions speak louder than words. And they can see first hand that you aren't exagerating(sp?) what happens. I feel for you that your MIL is spending Wednesdays with you. I haave the same problem with my mom wanting to spoil Angie(as if she's not spoiled enough already) and trying to bring food, toys that aren't appropriate for her. In a way you're understand that she doesn't understand what she's doing but it just makes it harder to deal with the issues that arise from it all.

I'm still praying for ya. Drop me a line when you get a chance if things ever slow down a bit for you. I know you are looking forward to a little rest, even if it's just a few minutes down.

Soonermomofmany said...

Wow awesome WTG Harley!!!! Hope you have a great Monday...