Monday, July 27, 2009

More Accomplishments!

4th for today?! Wow I'm on a roll? No just trying my best to stay positive!
As stressful as today has been, I have been able to keep my patience in check and have not once yelled at any of my children today. I mean I don't yell at them everyday perse, but I have made an effort to make sure I don't take my stresses out by yelling at them for unnecessary things. So I don't know is that actually an accomplishment?

The last stress of the day....Picked up Andrew's check today...was supposed to be his vacation pay for a full 40 hr was a $25 paycheck!!?? We're gonna get it worked out though and can make it I guess I just won't be filing the custody papers this either that or my appointments get cancelled...*sigh*

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