Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday, Monday!!

ACCOMPLISHMENT! #1 I got Robert on the hospitality program wait list since he doesn't want to do culinary arts. So there's one thing off my list
ACCOMPLISHMENT! #2 Tyler doesn't need his inhaler anymore! (Did I mention his ER visit on Thursday of this past week?)
ACCOMPLISHMENT! #3 Tyler's headstart paperwork got dropped off at the pediatricians' office and I can pick up it on Friday!!

BUT this morning Harley didn't want to take a shower and was whining that he couldn't go to camp, and started to cry;
THEN Tyler wouldn' anything...totally not wanting to do what he needs to ... ends up that was because he didn't want to go to the doctor today because he was afraid he was gonna get stitches Tyler and Harley out of the van and Robert was putting on zac's shoes: he said go ahead and we will catch up
ok, I back and Robert was in tears and angry because he couldn't get Zac's shoes tied and was dropping the f bomb on me
THEN I get a call from Harley's caseworker
and SOMEONE didn't follow through on the they just got the bill from summer camp for the first half of summer and he's only approved for 6 hrs a day....well....he's been going 8 hrs a day!
So although my day is's more hectic .... because now harley goes to camp from 9-3 instead of 9-5 starting TODAY! (which means I had to reschedule my mental health appt) This is like the 3rd time this mental health appt has fallen apart...maybe it's a sign I shouldn't go?

I just read the email and summer camp is not billing us anything yet till we can find out why they didn't increase his hours and Thursday is rafting for him again, so she just gave me the option of dropping him off at 7:30 and he returns at 3:30 or 9:00 and he returns at 6:00...I JUST got my mental health appt changed to Thursday from Wednesday so I could do transportation at 3 for Harley...and now...GRRH!

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