Tuesday, July 28, 2009


hasn't been so bad--nothing like yesterday...got one more thing off my list (Harley's medication form from his school)...haven't gotten the busses figured out yet, but it's still in the works and I did my follow up on it to make sure something wsa happening.

About 4:00 we finally got word that they are issuing Andrew's vacation pay check. We can pick it up sometime tomorrow.

Mentally, emotionally and physically I'm not doing real well. Tyler was up screaming last night so he ended up in our bed. Then about 30 minutes later Zac woke up screaming and I couldn't get him calm...I think it was because Tyler wasn't in his bed because Zac kept looking over at Tyler's bed and crying hysterically! So I ended up sleeping on the couch, Zachary on the living room floor (the only place he would lay with me)...and Tyler in my bed with Andrew. Altogether I think I slept about 2 1/2 hours last night. With Tyler on the loose there's no way I could possibly get a nap in today...not that I didn't try but he proved to me that even a 5 minute power nap was not for me! That's ok...I'll catch up or adjust...

I had a rough morning having my little pity party for myself. I stayed back from posting on the boards and talking to people as much as I could...I sure wish my mental health appointment was tomorrow..but it's Thursday so I just gotta remind myself that it's only one more day and maybe I will get something that will give me relief from the anxiety...My physical symptoms hit me hard this morning and by 5:00 I was staggering like I was drunk...I don't know it could've been exhaustion...I just want an answer and right now the one that the symptoms are pointing at is a tough answer to swallow...but...since nothing's official then it's really nothing to worry about right?

Tomorrow's my last day to finish this week's paperwork...Thursday we have to have Harley to camp at 7:30 AM for white water rafting *gulp* and Andrew wants to take the two little boys, me and him and go on another date like we did a few weeks back. It sounds like fun...but then again it may seem like I'm much less stressed when I go to mental health and they'll be like what are you a drug addict?

Friday sometime Kelly comes home..probably late afternoon. I hope she took lots of pictures...she took my camera so we've been lacking on pics with the camera I have here at home since it's got it's issues. One of these days I am gonna upgrade again!

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