Saturday, June 6, 2009

IT's been a while

I missed Throwback Thursday, then was planning to do a Flashback Friday in it's place and just got so busy I never did make it here!

I failed to mention that my dear sweet husband turned 45 on Wednesday. I was planning to make him a cake - then his client gave him TWO cakes so I didn't make one...Who wants 3 chocolate cakes in the house at once? (well, everyone but me and Andrew I guess!)

I've been spending more time with the kids that are at home. We've gone shopping, the parks, walks, talking...It's really been nice to spend that time with them! Especially the older ones since I know I have such limited time with them for soon they will be adults and probably won't want to hang with mom as much. I can't believe Robert will be 18 in eight short months!!

Harley's got his neurologist appointment way off in July...I hated to wait that long but at the same time I'd hate for him to miss a day of camp and mess up his routine. AFTER the neuro appt we will set up his EEG, MRI and CT scan...I'm hoping they can do all of them at the same time since he's gotta be sedated for each of them...would it not make sense to have them all done under the same sedation? Hard to believe, but he's also up for going back to the dentist for a cleaning (every 3 months for him)...I've got to ask the dentist if he wants to see any of the test results...he seems to be very concerned that Harley's teeth are so...quick to degenerate. Harley brushes his teeth (well I do) at least once sometimes twice a day (this is a HUGE accomplishment around here).

Do you know the story of Harley's lead poisoning? Well, that's part of the reason they also want an MRI with it. Exposure to lead can destroy the front lobe of the brain....oh and Harley also had a cyst on the base of his brain when he last had an MRI (in 2000) so it will be interesting to see if it's grown or disappeared or just stayed the same.

Let's see what else have we been busy with? Life?!! I had a class yesterday and when I got back Zachary had a cough that sounded kind of croupy. Took him to the doctor and the doctor said just to continue the nebulizer treatments and that it wasn't croup (thank goodness!). Funny though right after his appointment we had to take the van to the mechanic to look at for the emissions test (gotta have this fixed preferrably by Tuesday but at the latest by the 15th)...and in the time it took there (about 2 hrs) his cough had completely cleared up?! He slept so well last night! BUT then this morning he woke up with the cough again...gotta get him outside to take bigger breaths I guess? I hate taking my kids out when they 'sound' sick...I now it irritates the hell out of me to see/hear a kid with a very runny nose, a bad cough or some other obvious sickness in the public....Anyways, the van has to go back on Sunday and hopefully we'll have it DONE and we can be back to having 2 vehicles on the road....

This is turning long...I will try to get a few pics I've been forgetting to take my camera with me to get random pics of the kids..but I have some of Andrew's 'party'.

Today we are going to the garden center...we are going to get him some koi for the pond he's decided he wants to keep after all...and some plants too. We're also getting Harley some vegetables for his container garden. I'm hoping to grow some tomatoes, squash and cucumbers at the very least. Maybe some zuchinni too?

So we're up for another busy week....I'll try to be back to upload pics but things get moving pretty early and quickly around here nowadays!!

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