Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If only I had more time...

I would update my blog more often! LOL...Things have been crazy with having to take Harley to and from camp each day plus trying to get quality time with Andrew, Kelly, Robert, Tyler and Zachary...oh and add to that the laundry, dishes, family meetings (to talk about how people need to start picking up on their chores because mom is not spelled S-L-A-V-E)...
So after my last entry...we never did go to the fish stores for the koi and instead Andrew wanted to go Yard Saling...We were leaving like the 2nd one we stopped at and hits (just a tap) a Lexus...only the best ya know? Safari van vs. Lexus is no competition...Not a scratch on the Safari, but a little maybe 1/2" long crack on the Lexus bumper. Terrific!! Thank goodness I was only going like 3 miles an hour (I was backing up and he was pulling in behind me at the same time). So Monday I called the insurance, made the claim and found that between my policy and his (since we both use the same company) will cover it with no deductible!! WHOOT WHOOT!! Oh and I got some awesome deals - I'll show you the best one....

Can you guess how much I paid for this set? $$$$20.

Monday also marked the day I finally got to meet with Harley's therapist with summer camp. She's ok...not cream of the crop but ya know what do you expect for only $40 an hour?! No one is ever good enough for him in my eyes...I'm probably being too harsh on her...Either way she communicates well and makes time to speak with me each day so we can brainstorm on how to best deal with Harley's issues. He's finally got his neurology appointment (did I already mention this?)

Oh yeah, back to Sunday...I had two puking kids (from drainage making them cough so hard they would vomit)...Zachary & Tyler...Zachary had the worst of it. I had to clean the carpet in their room a couple of times, but that's ok, it needed it anyways, just not at 8pm at night! In a way I'm thankful the children were sick because we had been planning to go to the fish store then instead....and of course we would've been there about the same time the tornado hit that shopping center (Southlands)

So I had a couple of sleepless nights as Monday Tyler had it BAD! He came out of his room after sleeping fairly peacefully vomiting down the hallway and all through the living room before I could stop him! I cleaned up the....major pieces....and pulled out the carpet cleaner again (should've never put it away). I started it up and got sprayed in the face (through the attachment), down my arm, all over my clothes and the bookcase in the living room. Sure I needed a shower but that was not the shower I had in mind (and good thing I got a late shower that day!!)...Ends up although it appeared to be set on floor cleaning, the knob had been turned the opposite direction from where I should've been so it was actually still set on attachment...:))

Tuesday was a pretty mild day -- other than in the late morning I was talking to my friend Crystal...who lives in tornado alley Oklahoma (at least it seems she does -- love ya honey!)...Anyways I told her in the history of Colorado weather we had never had a tornado hit this close to the mountains and she say "now you know there's a first time for everything"...(not a question, but a statement of fact)...LOL...So when we took off at 3:30 a storm was chasing us from home to where we had to go to pick up Harley. A bolt of lighting crashed LOUDLY while we were in the van...I nearly had a panic attack thinking I was hearing warning sirens and that Crystal jinxed us (still lovin' ya honey!)...ends up it was a weed eater!! Haha, I needed a good laugh, at myself no less....Kelly went to the dentist and found that in about 5 weeks she will have her braces taken off --actually have a DATE!! It's been a long six years she's been wearing braces!! (since she was about nine years old - to fix her major overbite that was causing speech pediments)...I can't wait to see how beautiful she looks without them considering how beautiful she is with them! LOL

Oh yeah, Tuesday we also took our van for it's followup smog test..and ... it... PASSED!! Whoowhoo!! A $30 oxygen sensor was all it needed...and the mechanic didn't charge us a dime - although Andrew gave him $20 for running the diagnostics on the computer system, it sure saved a lot of time and probably money because we were going to replace a piece (the EGR valve) ... and that part alone would've cost $175.00!!

That brings us to today...Just getting our errands done today that have been suffering with having only one vehicle at a time the past 2 weeks...We left the house at 8:30 this morning and returned at 2:00...what a long day it's been!! In the next 45 minutes, we get to leave again to go and pick up Harley from camp...then it's leftovers tonight....Oh speaking of leftovers?! We found a recipe for Guacamole Salsa in a Cooking Light Magazine...we 'adjusted' got RAVE reviews from everyone in the house...I can't tell ya what the exact measurements are because I didn't bother to measure anything --

2 tomatoes cut into small cubes

1 avocado cut into small cubes

some onion (probably about 2 tbsp)

Cilantro (about 5 tbsps...but that's A LOT! but I recently discovered how much I love this stuff!)

2 tbsp lime juice

salt and pepper to taste

Mix it together and you have the most delicious pico de gallo (sp?)!! Be sure to add the avocado last because it will be mushy if you don't. It's delicious on chicken, tacos, burritos, taquitos....The first night we tried it on chicken (the recipe we got from the magazine) and with the chicken it was a 260 calorie main dish (not bad for being so super delicious!).

If you want the recipe for Chicken with Lime-avocado salsa, drop me a note and I'll post it!

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