Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Really? He doesn't need a behavior plan?

Still arguing with the school...ok, maybe arguing is the wrong word...convincing the school Harley should have an OFFICIAL behavior plan attached to his IEP...They are just trying to make themselves look good because all the testing they've done has showed Harley has improved by .2 grade level since arriving at their school two years ago...

Well, they still "disagree" that he should have an official behavior plan...and if they continue with that, I will just take it up with his new school and have them incorporate it....

Here's the "behavior report" that came home yesterday in his back and forth book:

"Harley had a good morning with marth and art. At 12:30 he was asked to work on multiple skills. He threw the books and pencil, pounded his fists on the desk and cussed at his class and Mrs. LaFollette. He refused to leave the classroom. Mr. Cook (asst. principal), Mrs. Duncan (psychologist) and Ms. Thomas (spec ed teacher) came to the classroom and still he would not leave and became aggressive. Since he would not cooperate, we had to have the class leave the room. Harley stayed in the classroom and ate lunch with Mrs. Duncan. He calmed down at about 1:30. He also spent a lot of time in the bathroom today between 9am-11am he went 8 times."

Ok, so they had FIVE adults in the room (the three they called in, the aide and the regular classroom teacher) and they could not get him out of the room or get him to deescalate? They finally had to remove the rest of the class from the room? He's cussing at everyone? Becoming aggressive? These types of behaviors do NOT warrant a formal behavior plan?

Half day for Harley today...Still painting...Fell off the quit smoking wagon yesterday, but back on it again today! Hope today is a better day....

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Haley said...

I do not understand what you go through with Harley. I was thinking of you two nights ago when they had a show on discovery health. There was a family with 6 Autistic children. To me it seems the parents have a uphill battle. I am so sorry the school is not being as supportive as they should. I am amazed by all you do. You are one strong lady.

Hang in there Tracy,