Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Housework game

(to help me be accountable and make sure I get it all done and prevent me from smoking)--
Done marked in BLUE
Laundry (2 loads washed, 3 loads folded....) 3 more loads to wash...fold...put away!
Paint dining room
Call for Zac's pre op registration

Call for Zac's new speech therapist
go to bread store
early release for Harley
take Harley to CP at 3:30
Take Andrew to work at 5
pick up Harley at CP at 5:30
Pick up Andrew at work at 6
Make dinner
pick up Harley's meds
/mop kitchen/dining room floor
upstairs bathroom
Shopping list (grocery shopping tomorrow) BONUS Grocery shopping got accomplished today instead :)

That's really a lot...I'd love to add Harley's room, but I don't want to set myself up to fail ... so many things to do today

OK, so I didn't get it all done...we had a little hiccup in our day when the school called because Harley refused to get on the bus...he didn't want to go to music therapy I had to go to the school and calm him and then get him to the van and home for an hour before I had to leave to take him to *music therapy* :) He was being so aggressive I gave in and gave him a lorezapam to calm him. It took us twice as long as usual to load him, walk him to the center and transition him from our care to the therapist.

We had enough time after all that to go ahead and do the grocery shopping done today instead of tomorrow so I guess I can give myself a little leeway in that I got a few other things accomplished that weren't on my list...So no hard feelings today...

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