Saturday, December 13, 2008

Other things to concentrate on...

Each day gets harder...Hopefully once I get over the hump of tomorrow I can feel more...just more I guess?

There are so many other things to concentrate on...Andrew's finally gotten a wild hair and started to do some organization...

We've got to get ready for this cold, cold snap that's coming...

Once every rises we will be having some cake but no more gifts...well I might cave and give him a gift that was planned for Christmas (shh, don't tell the kids!) and then I'll just have to buy him more!! :)

Let's see - what else? OH! Decorating for Christmas -- If Tyler will let us

Oh and maybe I'll try to get some retail therapy in today and do a little more Christmas Shopping...even if it is just Dollar Tree for Stocking Stuffers....Can't have Christmas without Silly String!!
(ask me if you want to know more! -- Otherwise, you'll just have to wait for either a Throwback Thursday or Christmas day!)

I still gotta count gifts and see what I have...we have them in so many different places...I think Tyler's got the most but that's ok

The boys need a bath...I gotta drive the teens home...We might brave Colorado Mills Mall today...I wanna wear these boys out!!

So see I have plenty of other things on my mind so I better get motivated in that direction!!

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