Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Giving Part II

Well, Teresa came by to pick up the things we had for her...It's the first time I've actually met her even though I've given her things through freecycle before...

She hugged me and thanked me andd we cried tears of joy together...I am so happy to have helped her and her family at this time of year and to bring her to tears of joy during this season...

Next I am expecting the lady who's been looking for maternity clothes for the pregnant teenager...I decided since it feels so good, I'm going to do more!

Next...we are finally getting around to making our gingerbread houses and putting names on the stockings -- we don't typically have stockings and get the children each a "glove" potholder -- then make Christmas breakfast between stockings and gifts...This year we are on limited time this year so I'm just going to make some french toast sticks that we can eat while opening gifts :)

So pics will be coming!!! A busy Christmas Eve...we may even try to get the tree decorated while the little boys are still up this evening.

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