Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why no beans?

This is Tracys' DD, kelly.
Since i had time i suppose is what i could say i decided to show how today looked from a sisters' point of view.
I think.
but we decided to go to Country Buffet as a Merry Christmas Eve dinner.
Then we got there at maybe 3 and figured out that they will close today at 3:30. Well we hurried and got our food before they took everything. We got Zac some beans. Tracy was trying to remember why we never kept beans around the house. Harley turned around and saw Zac eating the beans turned around and covered his mouth, making retching sounds. Tracy stared at him for a second and Rob had just come back from getting food and said, "What did Harley stuff his mouth again?" then it clicked with everybody.
we dont keep beans in the house because......
Harley pukes at the sight of them.
Tracy said to Andrew, "Hurry bring him to the bathroom." Andrew immidiatly followed her instructions and Harley stood up, leaving for the restroom. Harley hadn't thrown up........
He stopped in the middle of the floor, right near the desserts. Then he leaned over and all the food he had jus eaten came up. A plate of Mac and Cheese, Jello, cake, ice cream and a brownie. Plus a cookie. Thankfully, no one saw it happen so he had been the only one that had puke that had to be cleaned up. Later i had gone to the restroom myself to get some towels for Zac. It turns out that Harley hadn't quite made it to the bathroom before he had thrown up again. I had to hold my breath and look away so i could get away without puking myself lol.
After Harley had puked, a man (turns out he was the one who cleaned it up too) came around the corner and yelled. It was quite funny if you got past the embarrasment of your brother just puking in a public restraunt. A buffet, no less. The man who was sitting at the table next to us had not quite seen it happen so he went to get more food and came back a minute later, telling the girl he as with that they should go. As they were leaving i could hear the man say as the woman tried to go the way the puke was, "No,don't go that way. There's crap all over the floor." "Ick." she said and followed him to the other way to get to the exit. Two other tables had been cleared after the puking incident, leaving only my family and one other family. My guess is that, since they had children of thier own with them, they understood and knew that they coald just deal with it.
Well, it was now about 3:20. Harley had puked 15 minutes after we got there. So thats the story of today.


Haley said...

Hi Kelly,
Nothing is every dull with your family, is it?

Haley said...

You are a great help to your Mum.