Monday, December 29, 2008

Follow up

We gave Harley his meds early today and then took him for his blood draw. It is DONE!! FINALLY!!

Zachary is cutting 3 of his 4 one year molars and has been quite the little bear today! I'm not complaining though -- how often and how much longer will he actually want to snuggle with me?

Tyler is wanting to snuggle with me too...if for no other reason than to get Zachary off of my lap :)

The TMI post from yesterday - the 'cyst' (thanks Jenn and Cami, I'm convinced you were right!) is GONE! I think that also explains the .... CM 'gush' I had last night now that I think about it!

Oh I have another post...But I'm not sure I think I may have blogged about this long ago...

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