Wednesday, December 24, 2008

After all my braggin'

I ended up sick yesterday - Thankfully it was only dizziness to the point that I couldn't stand or sit up too long and no 'body fluids' to worry about :)

Robert & Kelly did a wonderful job picking up the slack and keeping up with the kids. I have plenty of housework and laundry to catch up on today though since I was pretty much down all day yesterday.

I got the lasagna made though and learned that Andrew has never, ever made a lasgna before!? We're going to have that for dinner today and play Christmas dinner by ear since Andrew's pretty much gotta work all day on Christmas (and get some sleep in there too!).

Got lots to do today, wrapping the 90+ gifts (nope, haven't even started on the wrapping yet) and re-decorating the tree (but we're gonna wait til the de-decoraters go to bed tonight). Oh tomorrow is going to be so much fun with Tyler and Harley and Zachary!!!

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