Friday, May 2, 2008


OK...where to begin?

First let me remind everyone that I recently 'refigured' my due date based on a 40 day cycle. That would put me at 5w6d today...

Before I could even get 1/2 way home from the ultrasound, I got the phone call:

Still intrauterine. Measuring 5w6d. No fetal pole seen. could not identify, but could not rule out a yolk sac. Don't give up.

Those are really the only words I remember hearing...I asked about betas being over 10,000 and that we "should've seen a fetal pole by now, right?" The response: "Your baby could be developing slowly so give it time. You wouldn't consider termination yet right?" That's when I told her I was not planning to do anything and was going to let it happen naturally if it was meant to happen. She 'advised' me that sometimes it doesn't happen on it's own...I understand that...I informed her that I would not discuss any sort of termination options until the end of the first trimester...if nothing has happened by then.

So I go back on Friday of next week. I think I may just turn off the computer now and try to rest and enjoy the family that's on the outside to the best of my current ability.

Keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming...BTW If this baby turns into a baby and makes it...All predictions are on GIRL...why else would SHE be doing this to me?? LOL

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Michelle said...

I say you have one spitfire of a little pink bean growing there. ;-)

Keeping positive thoughts and prayers pouring in your direction.