Friday, May 2, 2008

Update?? WTH???????

Sorry for the 'expletives' up there...

So the ultrasound today...empty even a sac??? I haven't passed anything -- which I would've. I asked if my body reabsorbed it and she didn't think it would've reabsorbed that quickly.

I go at 3:00 to have a level 2 ultrasound done. Of course since it's at radiology, they won't tell me anything there...MaryAnne (my OBNP) said she would call me by 6:00 pm tonight with the results.

They are thinking it did not fully implant last time I had the u/s done and it may have moved to the tube now...They also said their u/s machine is not very good quality.

And Yes, I will be going to the ultrasound alone. I can't take the little guys, Harley will be home at 4 and I won't be home by then.

Currently, I have 3 teens at home...none of them are Kelly...

Harley wants to go to his school carnival tonight....
I cannot have emergency surgery...DH has to work b/c his job won't cover his shifts...I can't take Zac & Tyler with me to have surgery! What am I going to do???

I'll update again later...if/when I get more information.

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