Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sharing a story of inspiration!

I have to Thank J. for sharing this story (and letting me put it on my blog)...It has really inspired to me think positively through the first trimester.  I'm sure I'll have my down days but after yesterdays ultrasounds this is really hitting home....
Here's her story:
I'm not sure but it's a good sign it's going up (hcg) with dd3 mine were really really low, if that helps, they even told me it was dead no heart beat detected  go home, and prepare myself for this loss,and if miscarrige didn't happen within a week to come back and they would start everything, that was at 10 weeks.
I went back for my beta and  still low but they saw he heart pumping like no tommorrow , I would like to report she 2 1/2 and my wild child.
He was my family Dr, and ligetly, the way it was going, she should not have been here, and thats what i wanted, was him to be blunt as possible and tell me what he thought,
1. i was bleeding bad,
2. my hcg  (which was really high) took a nose dive down and had a hard time rising after that
3. no heart beat
and till this day when i go into his office, he refer's to her not by her name, - but the child the shouldn't be here, by the books, and he looks how wild she is and shakes his head, and said by all that you should have known this was gonna be the child that gives you a hard time.

but all in all i learned the only take educated guesses at what the can see,  but my point to this was TRACEY, don't let go of hope, they are wrong alot,,,,,


THANKS J!!  There's also another story of another Dec08 mom who did not see anything but a gest sac when her levels were at 10,500 (around there) but the next time she went in she saw a heartbeat!!  Oh please, let these stories shine light on my little baby and get her growing!!

And Here I sit, crying tears of joy at the thought...BTW Did you notice that J's baby was a GIRL??

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The Zak Family said...

I love those inspirational stories! Keep them coming and keep the faith!!!!