Tuesday, April 29, 2008

OMG I just realized...I only have 11 days till...

Tyler's 2nd birthday! I haven't even started to make arrangements for his party! YIKES!! I mean it's not like he's got friends for me to invite over, but still, I gotta do something...and shopping! Oh it's gonna be so much fun...

Of course, taht means that Harley's 11th birthday is only 18 days away! And he wants to order a bunch of stuff from Oriental Trading Company (party supplies). he's already got himself and Tyler a pinata (his favorite thing to do at a birthday party!). he told me he wanted to invite some friends, so I asked which ones? None of his 'own' friends...Just Jenna, Matt, Rachel, Rob C...(all Robert & Kelly's friends). I guess I better get him writing invitations so he can invite them...A good thing for him to do!

Just thought I'd put that out there to remind myself if nothing else. Today I'm going out in public -- got so many of my little errands I've been ignoring way too long! Maybe I'll pick up some of Tyler's birthday presents while I'm out!

Oh Tyler and Harley both want the same things for their birthday! Word World characters...I hope I can find them...They only carry them at Target.

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