Monday, April 28, 2008

Awww...I know I made the right choice!

Yes, a few weeks ago, we gave away our dog. It was hard for me to admit that it was just too much...she was a high energy dog and we were just 'keeping her down'. She didn't seem happy...We couldn't take her on van rides anymore because of the shedding. We just didn't have time to walk her, or play with her...

I got a couple of wonderful emails from the family we chose to be her new companions...after interviewing a number of families that just didn't 'make the cut'...

#1 Hope all is well. Michael and Summer went fishing Sunday. Summer was dressed in her new camo collar and leash. Michael said he is not sure why he bought the leash since he doesn't need it. She follows him every where. I think it is tomorrow she goes in for her spay and shots.

#2 I have had to be honest with myself also and "admit" that something may be too much for me. I had to do that recently. It's all good and don't worry. Summer and your family had a beautiful moment together and Summer has been gracious enough to spread her love now with Michael. How better could this timing be for them. She moved in with Michael the same time he moved out. They are in it together. It is so precious to me. I love seeing them together. It was like it was always meant to be. Usually if you put me and one of my boys and a dog in the same room the dog will gravitate to me. But not Summer. I saw it the first night within the first 20 min or so. Summer wanted Michael. It is more than I could hope for and I still Thank You for that.

It's so sweet to get emails like that...especially in my current frame of mind!

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