Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Productive Day!! Finally!!

I have let this 50/50 chance of Andi/y take over my life I just need to have some patience and wait it out...there's nothing else I can do...I have gotten so far behind in my 'other duties'...Today I finally went out and about and got things accomplished!

I had all the boys fed and dressed by 9:00 today! (of course, Harley out the door at 8:30)...I got my whole shower in today--and it was longer than the typical 3 min shower I tend to do around here!

Then I went and had my betas drawn...probably won't have the results till tomorrow or Thursday. I figured if no call from the dr, there's probably nothing to worry about...I'll eventually get an email giving me a link to see the numbers for myself. Now I just need to repeat that over and over till I believe I won't be totally consumed by why they 'haven't' called with my numbers.

Got Zac's preop phone appointment accomplished. Thursday he gets his tubes installed...

Ran off to get the plates for the vehicles and renew the handicapped placard (Harley's a runner, especially in parking lots b/c moving cars freak him out!). The placards expired in March and the plates expired tomorrow. Man, I'm slacking!

To the bank with Andrew's checks

Then off to work to drop off this weeks (and last weeks' -- yes -- I'm that far behind) timesheets and pick up my checks for the last two weeks...

Since I was planning on going to Target and I had a coupon for sheets of pics for $4 each...Yup, strong believer in those things...I figured if there's a little time left, I'll finally go and have the boys' first professional pic together. Tyler had the WORST COWLICK I've ever seen!! We tried everything and I even threatened to just give him a buzz cut to get the darned thing down...I was outvoted...So the pics include the 'adorable' cowlick...We even put some bedhead in it...Nothing worked! I'll have a link up for viewing the pics in about a week.

Anyhow, since Marion was with me to 'help'...she whined and whined and we ended up going to a Target that was on the way...Of course that one didn't have the photo studio, which I pretty much figured she knew 'cause she wasn't into helping me out when it came to doing pics... Not only that, but upon our arrival, she suggested she could stay in the van with the boys while I ran into Target to get what I wanted...Umm, I want pics of the boys too, so I'm taking them in...NOT a very big help today!! I know better next time!

I got most of the Word World things I wanted at Target for both Harley & Tyler's birthdays. FORGOT THE WRAPPING PAPER! Ugh! They will be thrilled with the toys I'm sure...They are selling out QUICK!! Since they are a Target exclusive, there's still one more I want to get for Harley (the character Pig) and Tyler (the character dog). I saw Pig at one Target, didn't get it (because I didn't realize they were selling out so fast) and when I got to the other Target they didnt' have any -- even in the back! I didn't have enough time to go back to the other Target today...:(

Dropped off Marion...party pooper she is!!

Picked up Andrew and Robert...ran to Target to get the pics done anyhow and found they were closed for lunch till 3...ran into the lady and she scheduled us for 4pm...Ran back home and picked up Kelly, changed diapers, fed snacks, bottles (Zac) and took off again for Target. The pics were done pretty quickly because Tyler just didn't want to be his usual energetic happy little self! And he wasn't about to have any part of getting a 'brotherly love' picture with Zac!! LOL

Then it was time to rush out the door to get Harley from therapy. He didn't have a good day today (maybe more later if I can stay awake)...Stopped by the grocery store for the 'typical' stuff we run out of quickly (yogurt, milk, formula, baby food...the basics!) Dropped off Rob & Kelly at K.'s, came home, fed the baby, made dinner (while feeding the baby). Fed Tyler. Sent Zac off to bed. Sent Tyler off to bed. Ate dinner myself about 8:45...and was going to turn in about 9:30 when Harley comes pacing out of his room...bad talking, swinging, pacing...Now I gotta force myself to stay up...The weather's warm enough now that he would go in the front yard at midnight in nothing but his underwear just to pick on that poor little tree!

My eyes just won't stay open now though, so I better be going. I still have to pick up Harley's meds tomorrow, but hey, that's not bad...

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