Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Goings on.....News from our world!!

Quick snippets about what's happening...
Tyler loves Zac's mobile...He climbs up into the baby's crib just to turn it on!! It was starting to seem that it starts up on it's own out of nowhere and I just figured it out this morning!
Jim Davis passed on Monday...Services are on Thursday but we won't be attending...Family issues...His ashes are being sent to a Buddist Temple?  Hmm, he was never a Buddist...Besides we weren't invited...So far as the 'inheritance"?  Not gonna happen, his wife and HER daughters are getting it all...what about his own 4 kids and 15 grandkids?  Poor Andrew...He is feeling more 'relief'...He has been hoping all of his life for a blessing from his dad...Now that his dad is gone he feels "released" from trying to live up to his expectations.  My hubby is one amazing man for not having the guidance of a father most of his younger years (work was so much more important to Jim than was his family...Sad Huh?)  OK, enough about that!
My sweet, sweet DH feels such a release with his dad gone that he is NOW willing to learn the computer...We went and got a laptop two days ago...I think he's used it more than I have.  Today he's going to get me a wireless connection for my broadband, then I will have Wifi at home and on the road!!  I'll be able to sit in bed and do my things if I can't sleep....(am I an insomniac? - You BET!)
Harley is having issues at school....who wants to do school work when they're on a computer?  He had a total meltdown at school yesterday!!  Finally having some behaviors for someone other than me!!
Robert's getting registered for Warren Tech now..Failed his eye exam again....I've bought this kid two pair of eyeglasses every year for the past six years and he manages to lose them right away (I guess it's part of his ADHD?)....The eye dr said it's not that much of a difference to really even have to fill a prescription, but boy can this kid manipulate people into believing that he can't see!!
Kelly thought she was getting her braces off, but now they are 'moving' other teeth...she's so bummed!!  With our tax return we bought her a camera phone..She is so over the moon over it! She soooo deserves it...she's so helpful with the younger kids...I even caught her up feeding Zac at 11:30 one night...I told her she doesn't need to do that...Her response?  "But mom, you need to rest sometime and I'm up anyway...Besides it gives me time to be with Zac without Tyler climbing all over me"....she's too sweet!!
TTC NEWS: Now at 16dpo...Had some pink spotting at 15dpo so I thought...AF has arrived...NOPE...It turned to browish/dry (old blood?)...And nothing since...Today it is BFN but another mom on the large families board had actual bleeding for two days then tested b/c it seemed so strange to have an AF that short and got a BFP...Maybe that's in my future for tomorrow?
And now for Biggest Loser news...Yes, Dan is still there!!


Melissa BBC said...

How sweet is Kelly!! You have such great kids. Hope you get your BFP tomorrow!

pinkmorning said...

you are such a great mom! i love your blog.