Friday, February 22, 2008

It's been busy...Again!!

I took the two little ones out by myself THREE times this week...It can be difficult if Tyler isn't well rested and decides to start temper tantrums...BUT I've successfully done it!! Yay me!
The mtg with Roberts therapist went well, but now I've got my hands full....I'm thinking I'm gonna file the papers for full custody anyway....Besides the therapist now knows that exDH puts the kids in "endangered" situations and expects me to do something soon....We're working on trying to get Robert a real dx as to what his emotional disturbance is too...
Finally got Zac's medical insurance straight...took him in for his dr appt...I really need to spend more time with him doing tummy time...tyler makes it difficult!  Got a tongue lashing from the pedi b/c Zac's still up every 2 hrs all night. AND b/c Tyler drinks lots of milk and juice and doesn't eat real well..although she went on to say that it's typical for this age....
DH has decided (along with the rest of the family) that we have to find a new home for the dog...of course, all this stuff falls on my shoulders!!  We just don't spend enough time with her and are always telling her to go lay down.  Poor girl!!
I got the application done to get the people to donate the labor and materials to finish the basement...just gotta fax it off now.
Harley's IEP is coming up 3/4....Gotta find a babysitter for the two little ones.
I got my breast u/s repeated...the 'fluid' that was there last time has 'expanded' from about 1/4" diameter to about 2" diameter...Hmm, gotta wait for the dr to call back..Ya know the u/s tech won't tell you anything.  I also got my mammogram done...They told me not to expect to hear anything for 30 days unless there's something there. Now I'm on pins & needles over that....BFN yesterday...Now at 18 dpo and NOTHING....Wondering if I'm having an annovulatory cycle this time around.  FF is suggesting I temp 'down below' to get more accurate temps...I warned DH that I will try that once AF shows...I've been spotting every AM when I wake up then it's gone the rest of the day...Don't know what to think of it....I wish AF would just show (or a bfp but I'm not holding my breath for that!).  Then the OB's office called to ask how my kidney specialist appt went and ask what follow up we have to do. I have to go and get labs the first week of March on my kidney function, but the Dr. thinks it will be fine!
AND now...I'm on the run!  Ty's up early and it's almost time to get Harley up for the day...I'm sure Zac will be up in the next hour too!

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