Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Ahh, the world of an (almost) two year old! Tyler has discovered that he can sit in the baby's swing and swing his little life away while watching Sesame Street! I have the little Fisher Price Take Along Swing so it's low to the ground and easy for him to get into and out of...

Then today he discovered that he can catapult himself out of the bouncy chair too! It's too cute.

Zac LOVES looking at him and is trying so hard to get him to interact but Tyler could really care less...In fact he was doing floor time with Zac and decided Zac was in the way, so he tried to pick him up and carry him away! Good thing I'm always close by!

AND Zac loves Harley, the tye dye guy! One day Harley was wearing his power rangers shirt instead of a tye dye and he was upset that Zac wasn't looking at him (every morning before school, Harley takes some 1:1 time with the baby...It's so cute!) I told Harley that maybe it was because Zac was used to seeing him in tye dyes so he ran in and changed his shirt...Then he got Zac to look at him! It's funny how little things like that make all the difference!

OK, my boys are calling me. Gotta run...Still haven't gotten the darned camera unloaded, addicting to taking pictures though!

OH YES, I forgot to add that I've discovered something about myself...I could be a football linebacker...I'm always blocking Tyler and tackling him so he doesn't step on the Baby Zacky when we're doing floor time!

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