Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sorry to worry you guys!

To those of you from BBC reading this -- I'm sorry to have worried you guys...I think I'm just being emotional right now...I'm not really in 'feel sorry for myself mode'...I think it's more of a feeling of guilt...I can't really explain it very well. I am following along on the board (WAITING, WAITING for Kris to come home and make a post!!) and believe it or not, I'm even working on personals, so if I decide to post WATCH OUT! as it will be a long one! I haven't decided if I'm gonna post though...

Amy Z: If you're reading this...You're not clickable? I didn't see it when I clicked your profile!

OK, enough about me....I need to get on my laundry, shower and unloading my camera before the baby starts up!!


katie said...

hey tracy- i was wondering what was going on. i didn't know if something happened or what, but we love you and miss you! hope you are having a great valentines.

Screaming Grasshopper said...

I adore you Tracy. I am thankful for your being in my world.

Much Love to you!!