Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The second night - A little more difficult

The second night was a little more difficult.
Holly and Nina (the therapists) came over and he got to show off his new baby!! He couldn't keep his hands off the baby...This is a boy who has a 'habit' of licking himself like a dog (have I mentioned this before? -- I think it's one of his sensory issues and it's a type of self-regulation). No matter how much you make him wash his hands, as soon as he's done washing his hands, he licks them...YUCK! Of course, we went through the 'can I hold the baby now' thing for hours on end. The same question over and over again...AND of course, then he had to tell everyone about the teeth are going to grow! He asked me "how many years old is Zachary?". I tried to explain that Zachary doesn't have years yet...I inadvertentely said that Zachary hasn't had a birthday yet! The answer I gave him threw him into a rage because he thought I didn't understand his question or was trying to avoid it or something. Harley began scratching the air in front of me and yelling at me because it wasn't the answer he expected Then I realized, wait, Zachary has had a birthday! (At least that's the way Harley understands, so Harley thinks he's 1!!)...
I wish I had thought it through better before answering him. After calming him down I tried to explain the difference between a day and a year...Didn't work even with the calendar...Oh well, I guess Zac's one year old!!

I guess it seems that this was a little more difficult because if you add that I've been working on about 2 hours of sleep a day, a new baby, chasing Tyler, trying to catch up on the house and paperwork after being gone for nearly 2 days...Oh and the other things....I'll have to come back and update on those 'other' little things....

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