Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Harley on Zac's first day home

(Yes, I'm a few days behind....I've been working on my post for my blog for a few days now. I decided I would get some of it pasted in here and then come back and finish it)...It's not been an easy road...

Wednesday: December 12, 2007
The first night home

Harley was excited and smiling and asking every 30 seconds "Can I hold the baby now?" He was up all night sitting on the couch (the bassinet is next to the couch) staring at the baby with a funny grin (I imagine I looked about the same at that point, probably still do). The biggest problem I had was that he was 'caring' for the baby so that the baby wouldn't get cold...He kept getting out blankets and piling them on the baby. He didn't pay any attention and was even putting them over the baby's face! Each time I removed the blankets, Harley would start screaming and hitting me and then proceeded to slam his bedroom door over and over. He had me in tears by the time the night was over...A lot more happened but it's just so hard to describe!!

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