Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Oooohh, Ahhhhh

I can't wait till I get to test drive the 2008 Chevy Grand Caravan! I was supposed to do the initial drive for 6 days back around Thanksgiving, but thanks to complications and having to go to labor and delivery the date the van was supposed to be delivered to the house I had to reschedule....So Monday I finally called to reschedule the test drive!! I am so excited that I get to drive this van around and show it off to everyone from Jan 2 to Jan 8, 2008...My little Zac will be here. Harley's excited at all the features shown on the website. Robert and Kelly are excited because they will be with me since it's during winter break! I will definitely post some pics of the van, the family and places we go with it. I hope we can make it up to Red Rocks with all the kids and take some pics...It will all depend on what the weather's like but I'd like to see how it handles on the roads up there vs. the current van we drive...I'm not sure how to do the link, but here's a link to the photos and videos of it at the Dodge Website:


So since I'm expecting Zac to arrive any day now I'll have to take out my pregnancy ticker and add one for "the van to be delivered"....

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