Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Quick, Get the Gary spray!!

So this one I feel merits it's very own post on the blog...It's a mixture of sadness, heartache and even some funny parts...

PREFACE: (I guess?) Unfortunately, Harley's hallucinations have been increasing over last few weeks. They are really interfering with his mind...I wish I knew whether it was the hormones kicking in (as we were warned waaaay back on March 21, 2000--the date of his autism diagnosis!)...or if it's just that he's now verbal enough to explain them to us?? He is such an intriguing individual and I am blessed to have him in my life to teach me so much!

Well this happened during the last full moon cycle....Could it be related to the magnetic pull of the moons? seems like both the full moon and the new mooon effect him quite dramatically!

He was running up and down the hallway screaming and crying and choking himself! I was trying to calm him down...I had no idea what was happenning! After calming him some, he was able to verbalize that "Gary is after me!"....Yes, the hallucinations now have their own names...I was not familiar with "Gary"....When I asked what Gary did to him, he broke down in tears and choking himself for another 30 minutes. It's so hard to watch him choke and gag for air when I have no idea...It was not an asthma attack, but if he kept it up it would turn into one...I felt so helpless!! After about another 30 minutes of this he explained that Gary has evil robots that choke the life out of people! How scary for him!! I HAD to find something to help!

Something I read in a magazine 10 years ago or so hit me in the head...Get some GARY SPRAY! (Make up a spray of vanilla and water in a spray bottle whenever kids are afraid of monsters in the closet or under the bed, etc.)...I didn't have a spray bottle I could use so I grabbed a can of Lysol Disinfectant spray and made a paper cover that simply said "Gary Spray"...I came out with it and had him "help me locate" all the choking robots...Our house was INFESTED with them!! (LOL). The only room in the whole house we didn't have to 'fumigate' was Tyler's room, since Tyler was asleep back there....This solved the problem for now....
Fast forward about 15 more minutes...Tyler wakes up crying...I go to get Tyler from his room and Harley races me down the hallway and nearly knocks me backwards telling me I can't go in there! All the choking robots have gone in there and it's just not safe...I told him I needed to get Tyler then, but he said, OH Before that you need to get the Gary spray...He was in complete hysterics again! Thankfully the solution was the Gary Spray and we were able to rid our home of these evil robots that steal your breath! Quickly enough to save Tyler!

Wow, I guess that turned into a long story didn't it?? I think I summed up my 2 hour episode pretty well in as short of a fashion as possible...
What did I learn? Well, I'm not real sure what it is I was supposed to have learned from this whole episode, but everything is a learning experience...I think I handled it pretty well once I figured out what it was...I hope next time (if there is a next time and I'm sure there will be) I can cut the time in 1/2 if not more and have it nipped in the bud before one hour!!

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