Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Friday, December 14th -- the 3rd day home

Harley started to have hallucinations really, really bad and was saying that Gary was gonna choke Zachary!! Now I have to be extra vigilant because "Gary" is always telling him to do these kinds of things....

He also decided that since I was busy with the baby, he was going to make himself a butter sandwich...By the time I caught what he had done, he had spread a VERY THICK layer of butter on a piece of bread...I'm shocked he didn't get sick after eating that much butter!!

It's been difficult because Harley sees himself as a 'big boy' and an accomplished older brother...So he thinks it's ok to try to pick up the baby, feed the baby...It's making it hard to get anything done since I can't let the baby out of my sight...

And Tyler seems to understand that he's a big(ger) kid now...He hates to wear his diapers but doesn't tell me he wants to go potty till he's already gone in his pants...He hates his car seat now and wants to ride in the big boy's seat belt like Robert and boy has he had a LOT of words to share lately! I am so amazed at the words that come out of his mouth!! He can speak in whole sentences that make sense!

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