Saturday, October 20, 2007

Only about 9 weeks to go -- officially!

So I just passed the 31 week mark in this pregnancy. After a preterm labor scare and a few days on self-imposed bedrest it seems that Zac's decided to hang out a bit longer (thankfully!). Not much else to report on the pregnancy. It's all going well and it seems like I've been pregnant forever ... After all it was a year ago this week that we got our first positive on our pregnancy test...Just to lose that baby in December. We tried in January, February and March. In March we got another positive test, just to lose that one too. In April we finally got a sticky bean...His name will be Zachary unless we have a surprise coming our way and I misunderstood what we saw on the ultrasound way back in July!!

I know my belly's not the prettiest you ever will see but I have some pics to share:
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