Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's that time of year again! Flu Shot Season!

Oh the joys of drive through flu shot clinics!! We managed to get into line and get through it in record time (less than 10 minutes!). Each of us got our shot and then it was time for Harley's shot...He would have NO part in it. This is where it gets fun!

Andrew and I pulled him out of the van ... Andrew had his left side and I had his right side. We thought cool, we've got him out of the van...and he wasn't thrashing about so I thought we were gonna make it...Fat chance!!

As soon as the lady came at him with the shot he went ballistic!! He began screaming, kicking and biting on dad!! I was holding him in a hold to try to calm him and stop him from flailing his arms (and hoping to stop him from biting dad, but it didn't happen)!! The security guard came over and was about to do a take down on both me and dad...It must've looked like we were wrestling Harley to the ground (I'm sure it did, since he threw himself down on the ground and began screaming like a wild banshee!). There had to have been at least 100 other cars filled with people getting their shots and boy, the looks we get!! It's still better than letting Harley get the flu!!

Thankfully one of the lab techs was there and recognized Harley and intervened and explained to the security officer what was happening (basically fended him off!!). We were then 'escorted' to a parking area so that we could go inside and get the shot done inside instead....

We got inside and there were just as many people inside as outside. The line was enormous!! Harley became totally oversensitized and began's amazing how the crowds 'part' and let us through when he does this!! We were taken straight to pediatrics where we were like the 4th in line...When our turn came up Harley asked for Joann (our special needs nurse). Thankfully she was there!! We had to let a couple of people 'cut' in front of us while waiting for Joann, but Harley took his shot like a champ and had absolutely no problem!! I wish they would've just let us start off by going inside to begin with, but we had to go through the hassle (well, not really a hassle) of going through the drive through clinic instead.

Needless to say, we are now ALL protected from the flu for this season!

EDIT: Hours later, he was still pretty upset about getting a flu shot! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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