Sunday, October 28, 2007

A new era with Harley?

Since we couldn't do as we planned and go to Trick or Treat Street yesterday, I decided was am sick and tired of sitting home (or in the van) on my duff...We went to Red Rocks to do a little bit of walking...

When we went through the 'tunnel' to get to the upper parking lot (sorry I forgot to take my camera, but I will next time!!) Harley began screaming and beating himself in the head...This used to be typical behavior for him when he was scared...He kept screaming he was 'scared'...Tyler ... being the 'rockhound' he is LOVED it!! (A sure sign he's Andrew's boy--True Boulderite through and through!!). Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We got to the parking lot and found a parking spot...I had no idea there was a wedding to be happening there later in the day but there were plenty of other 'tourists' there so I didn't think twice about getting out and doing some walking....Harley had finally calmed down after going through the tunnel but when I opened the door he began crying and saying he was scared....We finally got him to get out of the van and stop crying and walk a little ways...He began pulling on me and hiding his face in my belly because he was 'scared of heights'...This is something I've never heard of from him before and we've been to Red Rocks more times than we can count...and he's never acted like this before...He usually loves hiking and outdoor activities....

We went into the visitor center to use the restrooms and that calmed him down tremendously...Especially when he saw that there were 'cases of pop!!' just sitting there (in preparation of the wedding that was to take place in 2 hours). I had to steer him away from that and locate the restroom...They do NOT have family restrooms inside the visitor center so I had to send him into the mens' room bathroom by himself (dad, Tyler and Summer-the dog were outside waiting for us). He's just too old to take into the ladies room anymore...I ran and went to the ladies room as quickly as I could and returned to wait at the men's room...I knew Harley would take longer because he has to remove all of his clothes just to use a bathroom (at least he seems to think so) and he has to be particular about washing his hands (which I'm thankful for!!). He comes out of the bathroom missing a shoe and his jacket (but had successfully put all of his other clothes back on -- and his shirt was even right side out and not backwards!!). I sent him back in to retrieve those items and he actually came back wearing them!! He RAN up the stairs and I tried to keep up with him but that's when I got hit hard with a VERY strong contraction that took my breath away!! OMG...Noooo, this is NOT gonna happen like this!! I've been having about 4 contractions an hour no matter what I'm doing anyhow....Thankfully it passed fairly quickly and Andrew was waiting right outside the door when Harley bolted through it without me!

When I finally arrived to join the boys and the dog outside I wanted to do a little bit more walking but Harley would have no part of it...He kept screaming and crying that he was afraid of heights...I decided that since the wedding guests and party hadn't arrived yet, we would just try to get him to compromise with me and take a short walk on the backside, where the rocks are taller than the sidewalks...He proceeded to scream the whole way (and all we did was walk the long way around the circle to get to where the van was parked!). I thought some of the people at Red Rocks were considering calling security out with the looks on their faces and their cell phones at the ready....Harley even managed to scare the ESPN camera crew that was there...Why were they there???

We stopped in Morrison at the Blue Cow and got an ice cream for Harley, dad and Tyler while mom enjoyed a cup of (decaf) coffee! Then homeward bound we went! It was nice to get out and about and I guess it was even nice to 'learn something new' about Harley....but that leads us to why is 'being scared' of various things such an issue the last couple of weeks??
The theory
...We have worked very hard with Harley (as well as everyone else in the school and Creative and all his therapists) getting him to understand and label his feelings and emotions...It really is a good thing...And now he can verbalize them too! I just was hoping that he wouldn't verbalize them in such a LOUD, OBNOXIOUS way!

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