Thursday, April 29, 2010

What a week!

This has been a crazy week...Monday Harley's school called and said he was sick and needed to come home. He had been coughing...Allergy season has hit HARD in Colorado with this strange weather we've been having AND he's asthmatic...BUT they didn't have his inhaler at school since he's not needed it the past two years at school...

Back up...

Zachary's been sick on and off for nearly 2 (maybe 3?) weeks. He's finally improving...first it was his ears bothering him...then he developed a runny nose...then his allergies acted up and his eyes gooped up with that lovely green stuff...then a cough...and the cough is sticking since we are now passing it from one family member to another and back...

So...I figured Harley could be sick with what Zac's had so I picked him up...that was Monday at 9AM...and he's been home ever since..not even any therapy. It's been a tough week since he and Tyler don't get along AT ALL! They are constantly picking on each other, touching each other -- this is worse than the usual sibling stuff. Harley doesn't understand his strength and size in relation to Tyler. When he sits on's dangerous. It's been so hard...I've barely gotten anything done this week because I have to follow them around (and they follow each other just to beat up on each other) and make sure they are not injuring each other in some way, shape or form.

We are considering a heavier sedative for Harley because he is getting uncontrollable. He is making so many threats he is going to Kill is and someday we are afraid he will follow through on those threats. He has no idea what remorse is and could actually hurt us without regret or understanding. It is so hard to decide on these kinds of things...I don't want to turn him into a zombie, but I don't want to send him away either...what other choices do I have?!

Today we went and got the results of his MRI from the beginning of April. His brain looks "holes" from the lead poisioning (which would explain the anger outbursts out of nowhere) ... the cyst on his brain hasn't grown or moved so that's not the reason for it's just his maturing...I never expected it to be this hard...I thought we were doing well and then the damned hormones kicked in...I was warned this kind of thing could happen, but I always figured "to someone else"...."it would never happen to me"

Tyler is having a rough time right now and I have to close this entry, but I have so much to add....I don't want to sound like a bad parent, but I am a parent at a crossroads, unsure of what my next step -- or the best step to take-- is.

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