Tuesday, March 16, 2010

REWIND: March 1, 2010

For you Gabe :D

March 1, 2010 was a day for CSAP at school...Harley doesn't take the regular CSAP, so he didn't HAVE to be to school til 11:30...We went ahead and let him sleep in and then took him to school at 11 --
(copied from Facebook)

What a day!! Took harley to school...major meltdown..tried breaking the windows out in the van b/c he didn't want to go to school afterall...got him out of the van and he took me down...thankfully i only have 3 pcs of broken skin...and many more bumps and bruises

The school brought out the aide, asst principal, safety ofcr, and psychologist...no one could calm him down...I called Gabe from Creative and he offered to come and help...I told him I'd wait and see what I could get him to do...things continued to get worse til I felt like I was gonna burst into tears and called him and got Gabe to come to the school -- (you are my hero for bailing me outt!)...harley calmed down and when Gabe told him he still had to go to school before creative, he ran...for I'm guessing about a mile!!! (if you know the area, he walked (well, waddled, b/c that's his gait)...down the Old Kipling hill and down Morrison Road...I don't think I could've done the hill...Thankfully Gabe (young and in shape) was there to follow him...)...When he got to a certain point, Harley turned to Gabe and said I'm tired...and couldn't walk back...

Finally got him back to school with 30 mins to go...more screaming and tears..

Then his aide had to leave and they didnt have a sub so i had to stay with him for the last half hour of school...gor out just in time to rush home..realize i didnt have my house key...nor the spare...tricia to the rescue to bring my spare key...rush to get rob and off to his hearing...ready to go home and rest....but thats not on the schedule!!
OK, so here's a pic of my "major" bite/scratches...so why, if they look so minor do they hurt so damned much? Should I worry that his bite broke the skin and he was bleeding at the time? Maybe that's why it hurts? Should I have it looked at or just watch it?

(leave it to me to make a mountain out of a molehill right?)...it's fine...all healed...

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