Monday, September 14, 2009

No school for Harley today...

because he had an appointment with his psychiatrist. If you recall two weeks ago his school psychologist DEMANDED that I take him in to Childrens' Hospital for an emergency medication evaluation...which I refused...which lead to Harley getting his school days reduced from 7 hours a day to 3 hrs and 45 minutes a day. I tried to get thet behavior team who has worked with Harley (and the family) for over 4 years now and the school refused. They wanted the medication evaluated as they were SURE that it was an issue of him not being on medications of a high enough dosage.

Well, today's meeting with the psychiatrist went well...I told him that since the school was over reacting the first week of school to the hallucinations, Harley saw that as an easy out and would purposely carry them on longer than they really were. Basically he was manipulating them. (I had also told the school this). I pointed out to the school that he is not only psychotic but also autistic and they were just messing with his routine...which I in turn told the psychiatrist today and he agreed that the school has over reacted and handled this all wrong.

I signed a release at both ends for the psychiatrist to talk to the school psychologist...and he intends to tell her to allow the behavior team to come in. I explained that we have a system that works but the school was not cooperating and were falling into his "evil" plans (as Harley calls them) by letting him avoid work due to his outbursts. If they still will not allow the behavior team that has worked with Harley for 4 years come in and give them some training (at no cost to them by the way), we will call the School District's Behavior team in...who will consult with the behavior team who has been working with Harley for so long.

So playing the game they want to play...but still getting the outcome...just taking a little longer than it SHOULD have...simply because the school officials would not listen to the parents and staff who know Harley so well.

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