Saturday, September 12, 2009

Busy days -- finally catching up!!

I've been so super busy I didn't get to do my Throwback Thursday...and then I was going to do a Flashback Friday since I missed Thursday but then Friday ended up being just as busy.

We have had such a fun (and exhuasting) week! You already know that Tyler started preschool this week. Bus service hasn't started yet so I get to drive him. I clocked it and it's a 25 mile round trip each I'm doing 50 miles a day just to get Tyler to and from school. Bus service will start on the 22nd...then it'll only be a 4 mile drive...the drive takes 45 minutes round trip as well--so that's an hour and half out of my day...and just so happens that his pick up time is smack dab in the middle of Zachary's nap time. So one of two things are going to start happening...Zac will take a short 30 minute nap (which is what has been happening--and he's been grumpy!) or he will adjust his nap times. So I haven't had as much computer time since we don't get "quiet time" at home anymore. Yesterday I got a wonderful compliment from the teachers telling me that Tyler is the 'sweetest' boy in class and that we have a sweet familiy. It nearly made me cry!

Zachary and I have been trying to make the best of the time we have together but it's not as much fun as I'd like to have...mostly because of Harley's new schedule. Once we drop Tyler off at school we have to come home and get Harley ready to go to school. I was hoping that we could drop off Tyler and then go do something as Mommy and Me with Zac...but still we are enjoying our time. On Wednesday we had an appointment and we got there early. So -- although mom doesn't make very good paper airplanes -- Zac and Mom had HUGE fun making paper airplanes and chasing them around in the waiting room. We played soccer in the backyard...just the two of us...after Harley left for school one morning. We get some wonderful snuggle time each day when Harley leaves for school and Zachary has mom all to himself. It feels so good!!

Robert's had a cold but is finally over it. One of my friends called him and invited him to a paying survey!! He got paid $50 cash for watching a movie trailer. He and his friends were so excited...then we all had dinner together. It's nice to have an extended family of teens around the house!

Kelly has had a tough week but still a good week...She broke up with her first love last week. This week she's back with him again, so her attitude is slowly improving. She's investigating the thought of being a teacher someday and signed up for a teachers' assistant class. She gets to go to first grade twice a week and help the first grade teacher with the students...doing reading, handwriting and even some one on one time with students who need extra help. She's so excited that they think of her as a "superhero" because she's a teenager! She'll be turning 16 in just over a week and on Tuesday she's getting a day off of school to go and take her drivers' permit test...and will be driving before we know it! YIKES!

Harley has had an AMAZING week! We have gone to "daily rewards" day was redbox movie, another day he wanted some bubble tape, another day he wanted to make chocolate chip cookies...And it's WORKING!!! He's having very mild hallucinations and not sleeping in classes. The last 3 days he's actually completed his work in math class and LA. This is the FIRST time since the start of school that he's gotten these things accomplished. I couldn't be more proud of him! He even went to CP for Music Therapy without any behaviors...and actually ATTENDED music therapy!! Not only was I shocked to hear that but the behavior interventionist was shocked as FOUR years of going, this is the first time he didn't have a meltdown when he was asked to actually participate in music therapy!

So yeah, it's been such a busy week. I am thinking I might have to just do a throwback thursday a few days late...I also have a few pictures to upload that we've taken this week...not many though...I've gotta remember to keep my camera charged!!

So if I disappear for a few days, just remember I am so so busy...My schedule:
6:20 take Robert to bus stop;
7:15 leave to take Tyler to preschool;
9:00 return home and
get Harley ready to leave by 10:15;
10:45 leave to pick up Tyler;
12:15 return home from preschool; --
then on Mon Tues and Wed:
Robert & Kel get home at 3,
we leave at 3:30 to get Harley and
return home at 4:30
On Thursdays
Harley gets home on the bus at 2:30,
the OT is here from 2:30 to 3:15 and
the speech therapist is here from 3:30 to 5:30.
BUT Friday's are our "easy" day...
Harley gets home at 2:30,
Robert & Kelly get home at 3:00 and
Andrew doesn't have a dinner client so
we have some family time on Fridays.

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