Friday, September 25, 2009

ACK! First Driving Lesson!

Yes, Kelly got her official permit we went to the parking lot across the street from the driver's bureau and let her drive the van for the first time ever. She was much more nervous to drive than she expected but she did well. We drove around the parking lot for half an hour before we headed (straight) across the street to Jack in the Box for drinks before heading home.

We got home and had to run to the store...she's not comfortable driving on streets where "there are moving cars" so once I got into the neighborhood I pulled over and she drove the next 10 blocks home. She was nervous but did wonderful!!...UNTIL we got to our driveway...our driveway is a pretty good incline and a tight turn...she ended up on the grass and then punching the gas pedal ripped a section of grass out. The neighbor to our south was out in his driveway and was laughing and said "ah, first time driver eh?" We all got a good laugh...and I still have my fact it was pretty fun to help Kelly drive so I'm hoping it doesn't get too hairy!!

We had to go BACK to the store becuase we hadn't realized that Kelly had eaten all of the tortilla chips and we needed them for our Fiesta Lime Chicken we were having for dinner. She insisted I drive to the store since it was rush hour and uphill on a two lane 45 mile per hour road (she's still not comfortable going more than 20 miles per hour!)...So again, I pulled over once we got into the neighborhood...and Harley was with us. He was so excited his sister was going to be driving and she "must be getting to be a grown up now?"...She was getting nervous the closer she was getting to the turn for our street and I told her not to stomp the brake because the guy behind her was following her pretty closely...she hadn't looked in her rearview mirror and FREAKED out when she realized someone was behind her and gassed it!!

Well, I gotta get on the run, so I better finish this story later!


Haley said...

Good for you Kelly, keep up the practicing!

Becky (ajdtk) said...

How fun, we are doing the same thing with ours. She is doing fairly well now. Hugs.