Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More accomplishments!!

So many things got accomplished yesterday, we'll see if I can remember them all?!

Harley's transportation is FINALLY straightened out and he WILL get door to door transportation starting tomorrow, his first day of school! We went to his school to do a dry run and it went MUCH MUCH better this time. He's much more confident and even ventured off on his own to 'explore' the school.

Tyler is officially enrolled to start preschool in early September. He will be bussed and have a very long day...for a 3 year old anyways...he will leave at 7:15 in the morning and return at about 12:15. I sure will miss having his conversations around all that time each day though :( BUT It will be good for him!! (and ultimately good for Zac!)

Robert is registered with the workforce center - his orientation is this afternoon. They will pay him as if he was working if he maintains good grades in both his high school and votech classes. Then they will help him with job placement and further training if that's what he needs after graduating. He will be able to go to their office and get guidance on how to complete a job application (hopefully it will go better than me helping him since he thinks I don't know anything :)) ). They will pay him for however many hours he spends at their office doing job search. I think it will be a great expereince for him! His high school schedule had to be rearranged to accommodate his VoTech classes in the morning. He's got two classes, that's IT! He's already got all the classes / credits to graduate and has a couple of his favorite teachers as the end of his school year so I think he will be successful!!

Kelly got her driver's permit book to start studying and has already started studying her Japanese for this coming year! She's really on top of it. Of course I still have my struggles with her wanting "snake bites" (two piercings in her bottom lip?) or a tattoo? I'd rather the tattoo than the snake bites....we are still in the "but mom doesn't want either one" stage....

Zachary is growing by leaps and bounds and making more sounds. He's also showing more autistic tendencies. But since he couldn't hear for the first 11 months of his life, I will continue to keep an eye / ear out for what is going on with him. I'll get a lot more one on one time with him once Tyler starts preschool and hopefully we can work more towards the goals we've set.

Andrew got word that there is really nothing they can do for his knee. He was referred to physical therapy and decided against taking cortizone shots for his knee pain.

Me? I'm getting apprehensive waiting for the MRI on Friday.

Just a couple of more errands to do today and then it's time to start sending my kids off to school...Harley starts tomorrow, Kelly starts Friday, Robert has orientation at votech tomorrow and then his first day on Friday. Harley's off school on Friday and goes back on Monday and then starts up with behavior therapies 3 days a week again too.

The morning schedule is nuts. I have to have Robert to the city bus stop by 6:30...kelly has to be out of here by 6:40 to catch the bus and Harley has to be ready by there goes my early morning posting abilities! LOL...once Tyler starts up for school we will have to leave here at 7 to have him to the bus stop in time for the bus and then be back to pick him up at 12:15...Wow, I'm gonna be an even busier!!

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Haley said...

Wow, back to school will be very early mornings for you. Glad everything is coming together nicely. Sounds like Robert will have a great year in school and all the best with Kelly and her driving.

Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog, I didn't see it until today.

Check in with you again tomorrow, :D