Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A long, long day...

Yesterday we had a long list of things to be done. Be out of the house by 9:00am was the goal. Well, we managed to get out of the house by 9:10 so we were close. It doesn't help that the teens think they have to sleep in because school starts on Thursday / Friday.

As I was getting ready to walk out the door the phone rings. We are STILL trying to get Harley's bussing straight. He is to get curb to curb (AKA: door to door transportation). I have had to go to the director who has had just as many problems with getting transportation to get this done as I have...She told me he most definitely gets curb to curb and she's not sure where the confusion came in. She has now completed the form twice and sent it to transportation and had followed up with them this morning to find out that they STILL haven't gotten it straight. She realizes that Harley starts school on Thursday and that this MUST take priority. She said if I haven't gotten a call by 2:30 today that I am to call her back and she will make a personal trip to transportation and watch them get it done!

We went and dropped off the last of Tyler's preschool paperwork. Then we headed to VoTech to finish Robert's application process now that he's been accepted. I had told the counselor that we would be there at 10:00. We were there at 10:00 and the place was a ghost town...not one person anywhere to be seen! We waited there for 20 minutes and could not find not one person...so I called and left her a voicemail telling her we were going to head to the mall to do some last minute school shopping and to give us a call when she got the message and we would be there in 10 minutes. We headed off to Sears who was SUPPOSED to have the backpack Kelly was looking for. We went all over the place and found not one of the style she was looking for (a sling backpack). We bought Harley a new shirt for school though.

Ok, well online Target has them so we headed to the Target...nope, they didn't have ANY at all (I guess they are only online). Amazingly enough we made it through Target without buying one single thing. While we were in Target, my ex calls and says he came home for lunch and had gotten the paperwork that I filed on Friday. I fully expected he would be angry and go through the roof but instead was calling to ask what he needed to do. He hadn't read them yet but didn't feel any need to read them so he just wanted me to tell him what he needed to file if anything. I told him he pretty much just needs to file a change of address but there's really nothing more since he's already agreed to everything that's in the papers. He wants me to send him a blank of the change of address form so he can get that done and that is all he's planning on doing.

We leave Target and all the kids are grumpy...By now they're hungry and it's almost 11:30 so we stopped and got some dogs and fries since I was short on cash so that's really all I could get for them.

We headed back to VoTech and lo and behold the counselor was there! I hadn't gotten a call, but we got the paperwork done and that's all that matters right? Wrong! There's one more place we have to go to ... right next door to the preschool office we were at at 9:30!! I took their phone number and called them to find out what we needed to bring with us to register him in the Youth Work Force center and was told we would need to bring all the normal credentials (birth cert, ss card, picture ID) but then we would also need to bring his IEP since this will be part of his transition to work program after high school. That's one thing I didn't have with me! So that WAS on the schedule for today...I'll get back to that.

Well, I was supposed to be to Harley's school at 1:00 to meet with his teacher and do another transition training with him..I had called her at noon to tell her it looked like we would be late and wanted to reschedule for later in the afternoon. As we're leaving VoTech she returns the call and hears the kids going crazy in the background. yes, I have all five kids and really don't want to do transition training with Harley with two grumpy toddlers and two grumpy teens. So we rescheduled for this afternoon instead.

Finally, we head home...As I walk in the door the phone is ringing. Upon answering I learn that Tyler was accepted into the one of the last two slots in the preschool program!! I was shocked that they had made a decision that quickly! After all we had just dropped off the paperwork at 9:30 this morning (it was now 2:00). Since they closed our local Headstart in the south area, they will meet us at that location each morning and he will be bussed to the other location way up north! I am so excited, but at the same time realize that this means that I will be going from having five children home all day to having only Zachary home all day! Tyler will be gone for 4-5 hours with the bus ride! I am awaiting a call from the receiving school to schedule an interview and get the schedule!

Harley checks the mail and there's the check from the Ex to get the kids their school supplies and shoes. I still have a number of errands to run as well. Gotta get Harley's meds and the extra bottles for school...gotta get to Kmart to buy Kelly's backpack...Gotta get to the bank to cash Ex's check. So back out we go...for another 3 hours!

Today's schedule isn't much easier and I better get these darned teens up to get on the move!!

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Haley said...

My goodness, I am getting tired just reading what you have done. Hope things settle down soon.