Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just a C&P from my other blog...

Now that I have a *little* more information I will share what is going on with my health problems, to a point:
This morning I just didn't have any more patience so I emailed my doctor. Within 5 minutes I received a phone call from one of the nurses saying she read my chart and there was a note from my doctor saying that she was "conferring" with a specialist and will call me when she has more information from the specialist.

Then I was in a meeting this afternoon and my doctor returns my call (I will eventually get a post made on my ohter blog about that meeting)...I had to cut her off and tell her I couldn't talk at the moment and asked if I could call her back. She said to call the appointment center and make a phone visit with her.

About 10 minutes later I called the appointment center and the earliest appointment I could get with her was Monday at 8:00am. BUT the 'representative' said there was some information that I should probably be aware of in my file and I would need to speak to a nurse in the office to receive the message the doctor left. She transferred me to the office.

I spoke with the same nurse I spoke with this morning and was told that she would read verbatim what the doctor had written. The doctor mentions contacting me and that she advised me to schedule a phone appointment. Then goes on to say that "Pituitary Tumor (Adenoma) diagnosis" Patient is to be referred to endochronologist and neurosurgery. I asked for the phone numbers and was given them, but was also told that typically the doctors' office will call me once they recieve the records and review the information.

So there's all the information I have. I'm hoping during my phone appointment on Monday she can give me more information (maybe size? a better idea on location? Maybe a timeline?)...But what I do know is that it is a tumor on my pituitary gland.

ETA: This is not a hormone producing tumor so surgery is the best option from what I've been told. It's not the type that can reduced by medication since it is not (yet) creating a hormonal imbalance. I am guessing it's fairly large in size (I hope to find out more Monday when I speak to my actual doctor rather than a nurse reading me notes off the computer)...since it's affecting my equalibrium and eye sight.

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