Thursday, August 27, 2009

Harley's really really on a roll!

I was out trying to get Robert's cell phone activated...we've been promising him for a week that we would get him his first month of service and then I would be up to him to try to get the money from his dad or to pay for it with the stipend he gets from the Workforce center.

As I was getting out of the van at the cell phone store I decided, "oh I better take my cell phone with me...just in case someone calls with important information" (thinking my doctor may call with test results today)...

As I pick up the phone it starts to ring...It's Harley's school...the principal to be exact....she tells me that Harley became verbally abusive and physically violent and then ran away from the school. He ran across the street, nearly being hit by a car since he's got no street/community safety skills.

They were having a meeting at the school at the time and were able to gather a group of teachers that could follow Harley, try to catch him and bring him back to the school. One of the assistant principals got close to him and nearly caught him and started back to the school and Harley turned on him and kicked him. When the man bent down, Harley spit in his face...then ran they were planning on calling the police to try to catch him because it was getting out of control. They begged me to help them out and I told them I could be there in about 10 minutes.

I arrived and Harley was sitting in a chair in the office. I turned to him and he swung at me..I backed him up right back into the chair. I had an open can of pop to offer to him thinking it would at least keep his mouth busy (I had already drank about a third of it). I passed the pop can to him and the grabbed it out of my hand with such force that the pop 'sloshed' out of the can and onto the main office carpet (it wasn't a lot but still). He began screaming at me that I was a 'moron' and that he would "Kill everyone!". I had him turn into the corner and took the pop from him since he was so mean. He was left in the waiting area of the main office with his aide and I was taken to the principal's office with the principal, the assisstant principal and the school psychiatrist. We discussed ways to de-escalte him, how to help him overcome his behaviors and how to prevent these kinds of things from happening...unfortunately, they no nothing could have prevented today's behavior as there really wasn't any antecedent...all he did was go into his math class and saw that they were working on the multiplication tables.

Since it was so close to the end of the day he came home with me, besides they felt it was dangerous to keep him at the school or even to put him on the bus. I will send him to school tomorrow morning while trying to contact his psychiatrist to discuss meds and get things straight. It's looking like we are going to have to slightly sedate him on a regular, routine basis to keep him even enough to function.

Tomorrow I will call his psychiatrist (he's at the north office on Fridays, but off on Thursdays) and try to get his lorezapam changed from a PRN to a regular daily dose while at school.

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