Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Harleyism: You incontempted misspeller!!

Today we had to take Tyler to the dentist for his cleaning and checkup directly after picking up Harley from camp...that means we took Harley with us to the dentists' office. While Tyler was waiting to be called back, I gave Harley a piece of paper and a pencil. He asked me how to spell
"Fo-fousa" (I had no idea what he was saying!!??)...I spelled it by sounding it out and he started to yell at me that I am an incontempt misspeller!! I spelled it as many different ways as I could and he continued to get angrier and angrier to the point that Andrew and I had to do a 2 person hold and drag (yes literally!) him out of the dentists' office to sit in the van until Tyler's appointment was done.

So although everyone ELSE says I'm a great speller (most of the time)...Harley says I'm incontempt (I think he meant incompetent, but I am pretty proud of him for using or trying to use such a big word!!)

By the way, Tyler had no cavities, got his flouride and we were outta there!

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