Friday, August 14, 2009


*Papers filed - check!
*copy mailed - check!
*Tyler registered into HeadStart? - check!
*Robert accepted into VoTech Hotel & Hospitality - CHECK!! Gotta go Monday to get his registration finalized and he starts on Thursday!
*Harley's still not getting into the transition class BUT we are meeting with his primary provider today at 1:00 and Monday and Wednesday and his first day is Thursday!
Harley's transportation is still a mess but following up and working on it!!

So at least I feel like I got some stuff accomplisshed today!

Now I'm gonna give you a FlashBack Friday picture beause it's such a sweet pic!

Harley in May 1999 - he's so sweet!
Harley, May 1999

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Ruth said...

AW! I was fixing to ask you how you got a picture of my cousin. Looks JUST like him. YAY! on getting all that done. Just remember you can only do so much before you have to wait for the wheels of everyone else to catch up. And it doesn't matter how hard you push or pull, they'll get there eventually. Frustrating I know. You're in my thoughts and prayers.