Sunday, July 5, 2009

You're Gonna BLOW the place UP!

OH, the adventure to the fireworks stand last night was great...First on our way it DOWNPOURED!! Well, the one we were told that had the best fireworks was in an empty lot...full of mud! They had cardboard down but it was just as muddy as the rest of the place by the time the downpour ended...Tyler was walking along and suddenly got his sandal caught in the mud...when he lifted his foot to free his sandal, his sandal remained and his foot got covered in mud instead...he refused to walk and cried the whole way. I think Zachary has some slight claustophobia going on...he hated being in that tent!! We wheeled the umbrella stroller out, bagged it's wheels and THEN put it in the trunk of the van...what a MESS!! I ended up having to remove my shoes to drive home or the van would've been covered in mud just from my shoes alone and there was no where I could've wiped them off.

well, after all that we came out with a very disappointing selection...they were so picked through and some of their prices were so high, we didn't get we went to Walmart's parking lot where there was another, smaller tent.

Andrew had been smoking before we he went in (I was staying in the van with the muddy boys)...He put it out, but Harley was not aware of that...he jumped out of the van and chased Andrew into the tent screaming "You're gonna blow the place up" and tackling Andrew...Thankfully he had at least given him warning before charging him by screaming!!

Ok, here's a few pics...I didn't get many with it being dark and all....
The boys (Zac's on Andrew's lap, you just can't see him!)
boys on the 4th of July
Harley...always giving that wide smile for the camera...can never catch this kids "natural"....
harley 4th of july
Zac wanted to stay near the house at first...
zac 4th of july
the boys by the street waiting for dad to light some off
lighting our fireworks
Zac was soooo tired, he just couldn't keep his eyes open by the end of the night...
Tired...too tired for fireworks!

No one slept in today :(

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Ruth said...

Oh that sounds like it was a fun and frustrating adventure. I'm sorry I had to laugh about Harley going after Andrew. That just sounds like he was being very protective and sweet in his own way. Love it! We refuse to buy fireworks. I'm accident prone and I'm paranoid. My mom's family always had "wars" with them and I never did enjoy them after those episodes. I do like watching them. We still live close enough to watch the ones the city puts off. Actually, we are TOO close. We could only see the tops of the bursts because there is a wall and a few trees in the way. Angie still enjoyed pointing at the colors and going "OOOHH!" Other than that, it was a regular day. I wish I could all my pictures together. Zach is gettting so BIG! I can hardly believe it. I'll be posting on my blog in a second, if you get a chance. Hope things start calming down for ya soon!