Sunday, July 26, 2009

Short Notice

Last Sunday my ex husband calls. I answer and as ALWAYS he won't say anything to me except to ask to speak to "his" kids...Well Kelly wasn't here so he talked to Robert...He wanted to invite them to Lake Powell with grandpa (but he's not going) for a week...Ok, great, thanks for asking ME first!! What if they had had appointments? He would expect me to change any appts they had scheduled to fit around it...get this though..he calls on Sunday for them to leave on Thursday? How's THAT for short notice? Geeeeezzzeeee!!

Now I need to back up a little bit....last summer Robert worked for his grandpa for 2 FIRED becuase he couldn't follow directions...Well the boy DOES have a learning disability, adhd and bipolar..but grandpa didn't have any patience. he told him to do something (ripping the siding off a house so it could be resided)...but gave him direction only once and quickly without asking if he understood. Well when he came back and saw that Robert was doing it wrong, he yelled at him to get the hell off the jobsite...Robert's reaction was to swing at grandpa..which got him fired and now "grandpa holds such a grudge" that Robert doesn't want to have anything to do with him...So Robert decided he would rather not go if his dad wasn't going....

BUT Kelly's gone...she ran me into the ground with all the stuff she's wanting to do and go and get to get ready for Lake Powell...She left on Thursday afternoon and won't be back til late Friday evening.

I miss my only daughter....

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