Saturday, July 18, 2009

Amusement park follow up

We have heard from the park, the insurance company for the park, the head office in Ohio....

The investigation into what went wrong with the ride continues. We returned to the park the following night ... invited as special guests where Tyler was given the opportunity to meet Dora the Explorer and her monkey Boots...needless to say I was all excited...ready for pictures and he was not gonna have any part of it...just wanted to get on the rides...

They presented us with 9 unlimited rides passes and gate admissions then we went to get our bracelets put on. One of the employees who had helped us the night before recognized us and said 'save those tickets' and signed us in for free. He asked that we comem over to the ride where the accident happened and again try to explain what we saw...They said the mechanic came out last night and the rod that attaches the car to the rotating mechanism (motor thingy) was severely bent. There was nothing there to explain how it got bent, but it was obviously not something that Tyler could have caused. (which we knew)...

This is what Tyler looked like the "morning after"
That's the worst it ever black as his eye turned...I was amazed!!

Another manager was called over upon our arrival to meet us at the ride. She gave us another 10 tickets. We received another 4 in the mail, and Tyler received 4 in the mail as well. As we walked the park people recognized us and would fill our drinks free and we even got a funnel cake (Tyler didn't like it?!)...and gave us more tickets. We now have close to 30 tickets to return to the park this season.

Tyler was a champ when he got his stitches removed on Thursday. The pediatrician compliemented him on how well he stayed still....well if someone was coming at your eye with a pair of scissors would you not stay as still as you could?

here's what he looks like sign of trauma or a scar (yet)

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Haley said...

Tracy, check your local drugstore out for Bio Oil, it is amazing, it gets rid of scars and prevents them. You have to use it for at least 3 months but it's worth it. Ellie has a scar in the middle of her forehead and has really helped. We get busy and I forget to put it on sometimes.

It's too bad Tyler didn't want to see Dora, my little ones would have loved that.

Glad he is doing better.